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Tips for Branding a B Mitzvah

Tips for Branding a B Mitzvah

What came first- the B Mitzvah theme or the logo?

In reality, the two go hand-in-hand. Modern B Mitzvahs are almost always branded with a theme that effects everything from the invitations, to the decorations, to the party favors taken home at the end of the night. While some branding falls easily into place, it can be really hard to pin down something that will represent your big day for years to come. Here are our best tips for brainstorming a brand for your B Mitzvah.

Sometimes, a good theme is all you need to get the ball rolling on your branding. If your teen wants to have a theme like sports, theater, animals, or something similar, that provides a great jumping off point for what their logo or swag may look like. For example, a basketball fan can overlay their initials and the date of their Mitzvah with a graphic of a slam dunk, or use an already existing brand like Nike, Adidas, the NBA, etc, replacing the original text with their name. Broadway lovers can make a playbill-style logo, or use theater motifs like spotlights and a stage to feature their name or initials.

Jake took basketball and golf, his two favorite sports, to make a simple yet distinctive logo.

Annie’s name and love for theater was the perfect opportunity to play off of Annie the musical!


However, if you have no idea what you want your theme to be, it can be hard to materialize one out of nowhere. Start with the basics: have your teen make a list of their favorite hobbies or things that are important to them. Maybe it’s nature, or candy, or books- branding doesn’t have to stick to just one element, it can (and should) bring together all the things that represent your teen and makes them happy. 

Go beyond material interests and think about the design elements, too. Does your teen love to doodle hearts? Do they always wear tie-dye, or live for their neon lights in their bedroom? All of these can be incorporated into the branding to make something that is uniquely them!

Reese’s blingy logo showed personality and flair, all sealed with a kiss.

A Mitzvah catchphrase or slogan is another popular way of branding the party, and it usually involves some pun or play on the Mitzvah teen’s name or initials. If you’re at a loss on how to come up with a clever slogan, try taking your teen’s initials and making a list of adjectives that start with each letter. Amazing, Brilliant, Colorful, Darling… these will help get your creative juices flowing. Do the same thing with some verbs: Adore, Believe, Celebrate, Dance…

Once you have these lists, you can play around with sentences and phrases that flow and fit your vibe. You can even choose a word or phrase that just has your child’s initials or nickname in it, and put it in bold when creating your branding for a subtle touch. 

A Bar Mitzvah boy with the last name Topf branded his party as “Topf of His Game”

Ryan L is a fearless kid, as proven by this subtle and well-balanced branding.

As with everything in Mitzvah planning, there are highly skilled party planners and designers who can help you craft the perfect branding, logo, and anything in between for your big day.  who specialize in all things B Mitzvah branding and will bring your unique vision to life!

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