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Spotlight: Ryan’s Fearless Bar Mitzvah

Spotlight: Ryan’s Fearless Bar Mitzvah

What happens when a serene beach club meets an action-packed sports bar? A bar mitzvah party like no other, of course!

Bar Mitzvah boy Ryan from Westchester and his family recently teamed up with Melisa Imberman from The Event of a Lifetime to plan a celebration with the vibe of a players club. Ryan was always inspired by some of his favorite athletes and their bravery, leading them to brand the evening with “FEARLESS”, featuring Ryan’s initials.



Melisa and the family were faced with the challenge of transforming the Orienta Beach Club into a party haven both teens and adults. They knew they wanted something different than just another sports party, and so got to work crafting a sports bar atmosphere to contrast the beachy vibes of the venues. While adults relaxed with cocktails on the beach, the kids partied inside, where the beach club had been converted into a fun and aesthetic sports lounge.

All of the food was stadium-inspired, from Ryan’s favorite foods being served out of concession stands and a custom jersey for guests to sign upon arrival along with a branded box for guests to put their cards in.

Even the photobooth transported guests to Yankee Stadium with its locker room backdrop, subtly branded with the RL logo for some personalized pro ball pics.


Down on the infinity dance floor, Ryan and his friends got busy dancing, playing Football Frenzy, and winning prizes from the roaming sports trivia expert who kept them on their toes all night long. The grown ups got in the sports bar spirit with some signature drinks and shots, and all the guests enjoyed some late night bar snacks.

On their way out of the party, guests grabbed their RL merch, including branded Gatorade featuring an inspiring sports quote and a branded box of Double Bubble gum- just like the pro ballers like.

When planning the perfect B Mitzvah party, you need to truly be fearless in your vision and determination to make your ideas come to life. With hard work and fun all around, Ryan’s crowd-pleasing beach club bash helped him win the most important game of his life so far- his Bar Mitzvah.     


Photos by Chad David Kraus Photography

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