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Planning 101

Mitzvah Organizer In Action

Mitzvah Organizer

Mitzvah Organizer enables you to organize all the details of your celebration, guest lists, seating arrangements, invitations, favors, transportation, honors, candle lighting and more. Since it is in the cloud, you can use it from your office, tablet or phone. Your whole team can collaborate: party planners, grandparents, even your spouse.

Mitzvah Market Magazine

Mitzvah Market Magazine is the one source parents rely on when planning for their child’s special day. From comprehensive resource directories to in-depth editorial, this magazine will be read, re-read and referenced repeatedly during the year by parents all across the Metropolitan New York area.

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Mitzvah Projects

Mitzvah Projects

Long after the DJ’s name is forgotten and the imprinted sweatshirts outgrown, a young Jewish adult’s Bar Bat Mitzvah project should be remembered. Hopefully using our Mitzvah Project section, your child will find something that leaves him or her with a full heart and a lifelong desire to help others and do good.


Whether you are at the beginning of your Bar Bat Mitzvah planning journey or at it again, here you will find articles that will guide you with great advice from the moment you get your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah date to the day of the celebration. You are not alone and will benefit from the knowledge of other families who have been through the planning process. Everything from questions to ask a DJ, venue or photographer to navigating the many contracts you encounter from your vendors.



They say it “takes a village to raise a child.” It also takes many people a.k.a. Bar and Bat Mitzvah experts to help with the planning process. There are certain tasks that should be done month by month to keep you on track for the party and another set of to-do’s for the service. We also can help you keep track of all the various costs – even those you might not have thought of yet!