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Spotlight: The Jake Center

Spotlight: The Jake Center

At Jake’s Bar Mitzvah, he was the center of attention, literally. “The Jake Center” was the theme of the big day, a fitting brand for a lifelong lover of basketball and golf. With the help of EK Event Group, Jake’s party was in the big leagues, transforming the outdoor space and marquee into a bright and lively venue.

The main party area featured a huge, light up dance floor and a personalized, dazzling white stage. The MVP Jake beamed as he saw his party vision come to life.

The customized logo, marrying together the Bar Mitzvah boy’s two favorite sports, was featured all around the venue, on the sign-in board and beyond.


The entertainment – and drinks – was plentiful. Guests played ping pong, foosball, Pac-Man, and more. The adults relaxed with glasses of watermelon lemonade and Paloma, the signature drinks of the day.


If guests felt tuckered out, they took a breather in the lounge area, marked by branded lantern covers and throw pillows that popped on the bright white couches. The sleek and subtle design was luxurious and cool, fit for sports royalty.

Once the party started, it just didn’t stop. Teens and adults alike took to the dancefloor to celebrate Jake and his achievements. As the night raged on, the hard work of EK Event Group paid off, giving Jake the party of a lifetime. Sports fanatics and nonfans alike agreed that their visit to The Jake Center was a huge win.


Photography by Memory Creations


By Vered Ornstein

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