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About Mitzvah Market


When “Mitzvah Mom” Sheri started planning her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, she couldn’t get over the amount of information her friends had, especially the ones who had already been through the planning process. She wished there was a Website that was organized, accessible and could feature her friends unique Mom-to-Mom advice and insights into Bar/Bat Mitzvah planning. After many conversations and hours of research, was born in 2008.

THE SERVICES, part of Schneps Media, is the largest multi-media resource in the U.S. providing Bar Bat Mitzvah parents ideas and experts for their child’s milestone event. Planning parents across the country use our Website, receive weekly e-newsletters and visit our social media platforms: regional Facebook groups, Mitzvah Market Facebook page and Instagram.


The Website is divided into different sections making it easy to navigate. “Party Ideas” features the popular categories for Bar Bat Mitzvah planning with ideas and inspiration for your celebration. The “Vendors” area is where you will find experts who are easy to reach via our Mitzvah Connect forms. The “Spotlight” section consists of real parties submitted by our readers where parents are inspired by how others have celebrated. You will also find timelines, advice and Mitzvah Projects under “Planning 101.”


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