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Spotlight: Emelie in Paris

Spotlight: Emelie in Paris

Spotlight: Emelie in Paris

Emelie enjoyed a special trip to Paris with her family, loving everything about it. When it was time for her bat mitzvah, she knew she wanted to include Paris as a theme for her party. With inspiration from the popular TV show, Emily in Paris, Melisa Imberman and her team at The Event of a Lifetime created an ‘Emelie in Paris’ bat mitzvah, complete with stunning details and profound design choices.

Held at Manursing Island Club in Westchester, The Event of a Lifetime transformed the beach club into the streets of Paris. Guests were greeted with a large Eiffel Tower surrounded by flowers, trees, and a lamp post, outdoor cafe-style seating and street entertainers.

Throughout the space, The Event of a Lifetime paid careful attention to details where guests viewed a variety of custom images that incorporated Emelie’s name from the Eiffel Tower to a street scene to a cafe scene to a postcard to chat noir/black cat in French, paying homage to Emelie’s nickname kitty. There were also French phrases that incorporated her initials.

Guests enjoyed dancing, an airbrush artist, a giant Lite Brite (a nod to the city of lights), photobooth & street performers. In following the Parisian theme, the entertainers wore berets. The sign-in was inspired by Paris’ Love Lock Bridge.

The adult lounge transported guests to the streets of Paris. This includes outdoor cafes with small tables with umbrellas and park benches decorated with flowers and trees. An accordion player serenaded guests with French songs.

The kids’ lounge was equally chic, with furniture dressed up in a French flare, logo pillows, stunning drapings, and Café Emelie for kid-friendly refreshments. Emelie’s custom artwork was also a part of the event decor that was fitted to each frame on the wall. 

There was also an artist who created a live painting of the party that the family took home as a special memento. 

Guests also enjoyed capturing memories in the photo booth with a custom backdrop of the streets of Paris augmented with trees and a park bench and fun props such as scarves, scarves, and signs with French phrases.

The cake was stunning, featuring the Eiffel Tower spanning on its three tiers. Details included the bottom tier with Emelie’s street scene cafe painting as well as gorgeous purple and pink sugar flowers placed throughout the cake.

The dance floor was lively and fun, wrapped with an image of a postcard. As guests danced the night away, many participated in fun giveaways where they wore; trucker hats, t-shirts, cell phone wallets, and a black cat stress ball, all customized with Emelie’s logo or tagline. The last hour of the celebration really heated up with a Blacklight dance party.

As the party ended, The Event Of A Lifetime team walked around with trays offering the adults herbal supplements to prevent a hangover.

At the end of the party, everyone visited the Laduree Shop & Cart, where they got to snack on and take home Macarons in custom logo boxes along with custom labeled drinks. Kids received a reusable tote bag with Emelie’s tagline and a sweatshirt with Emelie’s Eiffel Tower logo. 

Guests who traveled received a reusable tote bag adorned with a French phrase when they checked into the hotel. Inside the bag, guests enjoyed a variety of sweet and savory treats, a custom cookie, a custom water bottle, custom sleep mask, and a hangover kit along with a special note from the family and the weekend’s itinerary.

The Event Of A Lifetime, Inc.’s creativity and attention to detail created a bespoke celebration for Emelie and her family. The exquisite details brought Paris to Westchester for a truly unforgettable experience. 


Photography by Chad David Kraus Photography. 


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