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Spotlight: Pretty in Pink Mitzvah

Spotlight: Pretty in Pink Mitzvah

Let’s think pink…with a chic twist. Bat Mitzvah girls Lucy and Serena recently celebrated their Pretty in Pink inspired party with an elevated, sophisticated theme that set it apart from typical pink parties. With the help of Melisa Imberman and her team at The Event of a Lifetime, the party was branded as “LetS…”, incorporating the girls’ first initials into a neat and versatile package.

Instead of relying on classic pink motifs to carry themselves, the color scheme highlighted the girls’ individuality, with purple and blue standing out on their own, and also coming together to make a pretty pink hue. To add a little edginess, black anchoring on the letters made everything really pop.

Mitzvah mom and the girls of honor alike were major fans of florals, so flowers were prominently featured throughout the party. Lush floral centerpieces anchored with stunning candelabras sat tall on the round tables, and the long tables were lined with robust bouquets.

Both types of tables boasted a black lacquer finish, adding to the cool contrast between frilly and formal. This unique, modern motif could be seen everywhere throughout the party, from the table settings, to the showstopping dance floor, and more. For even more character, black fringe and lights were strung high above the dance floor.

The LetS theme came in handy when designing different elements of the party, like cocktail napkins and menus.

Adults and kids had their own bars, the former matching the dance floor, and the latter reading LetS Party!

There was no lack of entertainment, from shooting hoops, relaxing on gorgeous black suede couches in the color blocked lounge, taking photos against the ornate paper flower wall, and getting custom nail printings.


The DJ was accompanied by a violinist, saxophonist, and percussionist, and guests could join in on the live music fun by dancing and taking turns on the bongos.

Bat Mitzvah girls Lucy and Serena were the queens of the night- their thrones were personalized ghost chairs that guests used to sign in.

To top off the night, the beautifully branded cake incorporated all of the black and floral elements of the party.

Guests took home memories and swag from the unforgettable night, leaving with everything from T shirts, to tote bags, sweatpants, and even adorable stuffed animals.

As the night wound down, guests were treated to a sundae bar of edible cookie dough, choosing their favorite flavors and toppings! Some enjoyed the snack there, and others took theirs to go in specially branded takeout cups.

Many teens dream of a pretty, pink Mitzvah party, and The Event of a Lifetime’s take on it took the classic theme to a whole new modern level. So, if you’re asking if you should mix edgy and elegant for your B Mitzvah party, the answer is: LetS!


Photos by Sarah Merians Photography


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