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8 Non-Traditional Bar Mitzvah Gifts

8 Non-Traditional Bar Mitzvah Gifts

With winter approaching fast, we’re gearing up to hunker down- and thousands of B Mitzvah kids across the country are getting ready for the day of their lives. While a traditional Bar or Bat Mitzvah gift is usually a piece of jewelry or Judaica, some tweens desire something a little out of the box.  A little cold weather won’t freeze out the celebration, so we’ve made a list of the hottest gifts for teens this season that will make them feel warm and fuzzy, both inside and out.

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1. Ugg Slippers

The classic Australian boot company has been a winter staple for decades, and their slippers have recently come back into style. Pick from an array of styles and colors, like the Coquette style that’s popular with celebrities. 

Original photo from Ugg.com

2. Instant film camera

In an age of smartphones and instant gratification, most teens have never known the experience of using a film camera. Give them the best of both worlds with a classic instant film camera, such as this one from Instax that prints film pictures on the spot. Perfect for a teen with an artistic spirit, plus it comes in tons of sizes and colors. 

Original photo from Instax


3. TikTok cookbook 

TikTok is a favorite pastime of many teens, and viral recipes have gained huge traction since the app became popular. Give the gift of creativity and inspiration to the budding baker or chef having a B Mitzvah so they can make cozy recipes to keep them warm all winter long. The Unofficial TikTok Cookbook can be found on Amazon. 

Original photo from Amazon


4. Projector Set

Who doesn’t love to cuddle up in front of the TV on a cold winter day? Your B Mitzvah teen can have their own screen set up wherever they choose to lounge! The TMY Projector Set comes with a screen and WIFI enabled projector that can be moved around from room to room, making everywhere and anywhere a personal movie theater.

Original photo from Amazon

5. Sunset Lamp

Though daylight is shorter this time of year, you can make it feel like the sun is shining right in your own home. A B Mitzvah teen will love this sunset lamp that brings a warm and glowing ambience to the cold and dark winter days. Turn their bedroom into a tropical escape, even on the coldest days.

Original photo from Rose Lives Loves


6. Raspberry Pi

Got a tech lover who’s looking to pass the time this winter? Get them a Raspberry Pi, a small personal computer that users can program to do a variety of things. The small yet mighty device is perfect for a teen looking to try their hand at programming and will spark inspiration in any budding engineer.

Original photo from Raspberry Pi

7. Yogibo 

Lounge around in style with the popular and incredibly comfortable Yogibo beanbags. From supportive pillows, to cozy blankets, to huge beanbag chairs, there’s something for everyone. Movie night just got a lot more comfortable!

Original photo from Yogibo

8. Comfy 

First came the Snuggie, and now the Comfy has taken over. The wearable blanket comes in a variety of colors and styles, meaning there’s a perfect poncho for even the pickiest teens. Your B Mitzvah teen will love cozying up in their Comfy on a snow day or even at their friends’ outdoor sports games. 

Original photo from Yogibo

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