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What An Event Planner Can Do For You

What An Event Planner Can Do For You

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By Terry Vogel, Event Kings

In this Google age, it is easy to search for a DJ, décor, entertainment and everything in between for your next event. Comparison shopping for a party has never been easier, and in our economic climate, deals are up for the making. So why choose an event planner for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah when it seems so easy to take it all upon yourself? Here are four top reasons to go with one person that will guide you through this journey.

1. A more balanced event.
If you use an event planner that can offer music, entertainment and décor, your budget will be more evenly spread out to get a holistic event. A florist will try to sell you the largest centerpiece they can, a DJ will insist you have an MC, 4 dancers and a crazy light show. An entertainment company will sell you a Britney Spears impersonator along with your photo-station. But a planner has the entire event in mind and will distribute your budget in places that are most important to you without making the party seem unbalanced.

2. Keep your budget in check.
Sometimes that bottom line number can be scary, but having everything on one contract will help you manage your costs. When you book a DJ “here” and get balloons “there” and then buy little additions along the way, it all adds up, and few people do the math. Or, few people do the math accurately, not realizing what all the costs may be. A planner will control the budget you set, so when you say I want my total to be under $10,000 she won’t sell you $300 centerpieces.

3. She does this for a living.
Your planner has most likely done this a hundred times or more. She’s seen what can go wrong and can offer advice on how to prevent that ahead of time. As a planner, she knows which trendy games work best to get the kids excited or how to pick the best candle lighting songs. A seasoned event professional has also worked with the best outside vendors.

4. Peace of mind.
Lets face it, on the day of your event the last thing you want to worry about is that everything is coming together as you planned. You should be focusing on this momentous occasion for you and your family NOT if the centerpieces have arrived. Let your planner take care of all of those details and more. She will remind you that the speeches are coming up so you’re not in the restroom when the DJ announces you; she will get the maitre’d if the plates run out on the buffet line; and she will make sure that your family gets together for that once-in-a-lifetime group picture. All you will have to do is enjoy the event and have fun!

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