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Mitzvah Idea: The Facts On Fireworks!

Mitzvah Idea: The Facts On Fireworks!

Looking for an exciting way to highlight your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah? How about having a professional fireworks display that lights up the sky? Fireworks are becoming more and more popular at private events throughout the country, but there are quite a few things you should consider. We caught up the folks from Bay Fireworks to learn all the facts.

MM: What do we need to think about before considering a fireworks display for our Mitzvahs?
The first consideration is having the proper venue for fireworks. For safety reasons, professional fireworks need a significant amount of open space. Country clubs are ideal as well as catering halls that have significant property.

Secondly, you must have written permission from the landlord or property owner that fireworks would be permitted at all. A letter on their stationery, or an email, will suffice.

Reputable fireworks companies provide fireworks, licensed technicians, pre-site visit with fire officials, all equipment and trucking, permit filing assistance, insurance and coordination with your event planner, DJ and/or caterer. This ensures that the fireworks are timely and synchronized to that evening’s schedule.

After the initial steps are taken, your chosen fireworks vendor can contact the local government or fire officials, and other appropriate agencies to secure permits necessary for the event. This should all be done several months in advance.

Bay Fireworks

MM: What types of Fireworks exist?
Please note that there are two types of fireworks generally available. Primarily, the shells that you see on the 4th of July are the most common. The second option is close proximity pyrotechnics that you may have seen on a concert stage or professional sporting event. These require much less space, burn quicker and do not go nearly as high in the sky. They do present many color and effect variations, and are a great choice when space is limited.

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Typical fireworks displays start at approximately $5,000.00 plus permitting fees (if any), on land. If a marine display is required, or if you desire options such as a computer fired choreographed display to a specific musical score, the cost is naturally higher.

MM: How long should the fireworks presentation be?
It is not recommended that the program exceed 10 minutes in length. Usually 6-7 minutes of vibrant and intense effects is best received by the audience at an event like this.

Understand that the fireworks vendor can not control the weather. Rain, unless very heavy and constant, does not stop the firing of the devices. Heavy wind, usually exceeding 25mph, would be more likely to prevent the performance, but that is usually a decision made close to the scheduled time and depends on the venue.

If you would like to learn more about having a fireworks presentation at your Mitzvah, contact Bay Fireworks at 631-390-8620 and be sure to tell them Mitzvah Market sent you!

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