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The Dos And Don’ts Of Gift Giving

The Dos And Don’ts Of Gift Giving

By Robyn Spizman,

It’s Robyn to your rescue and is ready to help you, so check us out. Here are a few tips when purchasing a gift for someone to take to heart. Begin by considering not just what you like to give – think about what a Bar or Bat Mitzvah recipient values including their likes and dislikes. Sports? Music? A particular hobby or interest? Remember, gift giving lives in the details.

Do ask what they really want – don’t assume anything! Clueless? Listen out for hints, and don’t believe them if she says she doesn’t want a thing. There’s a great gift for even the hard to please, and you’ll discover it if you consider the “benefit.” Gifts that make them smarter, gifts that contribute to a special collection or cash. My favorite Bar Mitzvah cash gift were these: A grandfather included a letter of wisdom for each of 13 years he had written in preparation for the child’s Bar Mitzvah. He included it along with the check but the letters became the most meaningful gift of all! Another gift for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah child was a check that had an additional $18.00 added to the amount…it keep this amount, but please donate the $18.00 to a cause of your choice. That gift kept on giving and was definitely a mitzvah maker!

Ask and you shall receive! In other words, ask their sibling, parent, family member, friend for clues about what someone would want and become Sherlock Holmes. Observe the brands she loves and then check out your options. Can’t afford the pricey designer handbag? Check out the key ring and include one of your timeless keys to success!

Do keep in mind that a gift should be something that makes someone feel adored, treasured, and cared for. It’s not the amount you spend but the time you spend searching for the gift, but is a piece of you showing thought included!

Don’t ever forget that your presence is the best gift of all. Transform your gift into a treasured memory by adding your feelings and thoughts to tell someone how much they mean to you.

Lastly, to make sure your present is a good match, gifted givers include gift receipts in a sealed envelope. Write ‘Just In Case’ on the envelope, and tell them to use it in case it’s the wrong color or size. They’ll think you thought of everything!

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