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How To Save Money On Invitations

How To Save Money On Invitations

by Stacy Lawrence of Make An Impression

When you visit an invitation retailer, you realize how many choices you have when selecting a design: color combinations, fonts, invitation sizes and styles, enhancements like appliques, layers and pocket folders, and so much more. Not to mention, everything can be customized. This is the “traditional” approach to ordering invitations, and the reputation is that going this route can cost a fortune. And it can!

As an alternative, families often consider making their own invitations. Going the “DIY route” allows you to add a personal touch to your invitations and it can be a serious cost-saving measure. However, more often than not, when you create your own invitation (unless you are a designer by trade), the finished product lacks the finishing touches a professionally designed and produced invitation would have.

The good news is, DIY invitations are not the only way to save money. Here are some ideas on how you can cut costs when ordering professionally designed and produced invitations:

* Order a fold-over invitation so there is more room to house all the details of the event on the same card.

* If you order a vertical invitation, address the envelopes horizontally to save on additional postage.

* Instead of sending direction cards, include the venue’s Website, which usually has directions posted.

* Skip the RSVP card; ask for a call or an e-mail.

While the DIY option feels like a real money saver, there are hidden “costs” – both monetary and time costs. Realistically, when you consider how much time it takes to conceptualize, research, print and assemble a DIY invitation, it can end up being more costly than some of the affordable professionally designed invitations on the market. A good invitation retailer will work with any client’s budget to come up with a beautiful and unique invitation that will look as elegant as the rest of your event.

Stacy Lawrence owns Make An Impression a five-star Yahoo rated invitation and party planning store in River Edge, NY. Check out her Website. And thanks for the advice, Stacy!

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