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An Invitation Trend

An Invitation Trend

By Ellen Futterman, Proper Notice

After years and years of helping Bar and Bat Mitzvah families with the selection of their invitations, I have found there are a few important things you can do to ensure a pleasant experience during this process:

1. Think about your venue, the season and what type of event you want to have.

2. You should have a discussion with your child before you start the invitation search. Decide how much input they are allowed to have. Many parents think that they are “on the same page” as their child only to come in to pick invitations and find out very differently.

3. A budget is very helpful. We want to please you at every price point, remember postage and calligraphy add up too.

4. Think about the details of your child’s special day. Are you inviting everyone to the service, do you need separate celebration cards, are you providing transportation? These details are very helpful when creating your own custom suite.

5. Do you want to show your theme or keep it quiet until the big day.

6. Last but not least, it’s very helpful to bring in samples of things you and your family like and don’t like.


Believe or not, a popular trend right now involves the back of the invitation. That’s right, surprise your guests with something unexpected with the detail on the back. All the examples below follow this trend.


This invitation uses a heavy 2 layered card and an animal print, zebra to be exact, on the back!


Danielle’s invite used 2 color letterpress with a fashion forward design on the back


In this example, heavy museum board is used with  a custom “pop” inspired design


Lindsey’s invite is 2 color thermagraphy with a custom floral design


Matt’s invitation uses a 4 color digital print with a sports motif


Ross’ custom photo invitation is oversized and metal with rounded corners

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