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8 Hot Trends In Mitzvah Favors

8 Hot Trends In Mitzvah Favors


If you are in Bar or Bat Mitzvah planning mode then you know your child definitely wants to be involved in the process of selecting the party favors or giveaways. There are so many choices. Do yourself a FAVOR and read on!




We went right to the source and asked Shira Younger of A Promos USA/Imagemaker for the 8 hot trends right now.

MM: What are you seeing right now as the “hottest favors” among Mitzvah kids and Mitzvah Moms?
Today’s trends in Bar/Bat Mitzvah favors stem from the ever growing desire to stand out from the crowd.  Kiss your old notions of what is and what’s not acceptable goodbye!  Tweens today have a very strong opinion about what they want and don’t want; I suggest that you stop and listen to their opinions – they matter!

What you’ll notice at Bar/Bat Mitzvahs nowadays is that the giveaway is what is remembered from the entire affair.  Typically, most tweens (if their school will allow it) will show up wearing their custom party favor the next day in school for all to see.  Because of this, we suggest listening to your child in terms of their design creativity, as they are the one making the most use out of the party favors…wearing them to school, to the mall, to camp, to bed, and to their friends’ houses.

We find that when you consider your child’s input, you in turn are happier, knowing that your children had valuable input into their own custom creations…talk about great bragging rights!

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Here are Shira’s 8 hot trends:

1. Think Zip-Up Hoodies!!! The ultimate in posh giveaways, just about every tween comes in asking for them.

Full Zip 4 The ImageMaker copy

Full Zip 3 The ImageMaker copy

Full Zip 2 The ImageMaker

2. Use your child’s initials or skip them all together, don’t use their full name in the artwork.

Kids Initials The ImageMaker

3. Use Metallic Inks! This goes for boys as well…today’s fashion is all about a little something extra.

Metallic Glitter T-Shirt The ImageMaker

Metallic Gold T-Shirt The ImageMaker

4. Leave out the date. Yes, we know it’s important to you, but Tweens don’t want to wear “dated” apparel.

No Date T-Shirt The ImageMaker

5. You don’t have to give the same party favor to the boys, as you give to the girls.  Ex: if you’re doing a cute sports jersey for the boys, why not give the girls a stylish burnout t-shirt or fitted tank top instead (something that they’ll actually wear).

Sports Jersey The ImageMaker

Something for the boys…

Sports Burnout Shirt Girls The ImageMaker

Something for the girls…

6. Want something different than wearables? Portable MP3 speakers and ringtone download cards are always a hit!

MP3 Speakers

Ringtone Card1

7. Don’t forget about the Adult Guests. Stainless steel tumblers make a great giveaway and are definitely practical. Tip: When your adult guests are ready to leave, have your catering hall setup a coffee/tea table at the valet stand – this is where your guests will be greeted with a hot cup of coffee in their new stainless steel tumblers…perfect for a thoughtful and alert drive home.

Adult Guest Tumblers A Promos USA

8. Follow the fashion trends.  If you choose art and apparel that your tween would never buy at the mall, then they probably won’t wear that party favor at all.

Trendy Burnout The ImageMaker

We would like to thank Shira Younger from A Promos USA/ImageMaker for these trends. To learn more visit their extended profile page in our Vendor Directory.




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