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Eversnap: A New Way To Gather Bar Bat Mitzvah Party Photos

Eversnap: A New Way To Gather Bar Bat Mitzvah Party Photos

Remember when you spent money on disposable cameras, hoping to get everyone’s amazing candid photos? Then, when you developed the film, you had maybe 20 “good quality” photos?

Forget the days of expensive disposable cameras. We want to introduce you to something new!


Eversnap helps you collect all your Bar Bat Mitzvah guests’ photos taken at your child’s celebration in one online album and then project them on a screen as they’re being taken. And yes, they can be moderated to make sure your slideshow stays appropriate.

Your guests love seeing their photos show up on the screen and you’ll love having all the photos/videos in one place at the end of the night, (instead of begging for them 6 months later).


How does it work?

1. Guests download the Eversnap app for iPhone or Android

2. They enter your custom album code you’ll create: (ie. SamMitzvah14)

3. All photos & videos guests take will be instantly collected in one online album and show up live on a screen.

The Eversnap team will even remotely moderate your slideshow for up to 6 hours to make sure all photos are appropriate.

You will receive 200 custom instruction cards to let your guests know about your album. Send them out with the invites or pass them out at your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah party.

It’s so simple.

No smartphone? No problem.

For guests with digital cameras, they can add photos & videos from the Eversnap Website.

Just last year, Eversnap was used at more than 10,000 events in over 1,000 US Cities and 40+ Countries.

To learn more, visit Eversnap.

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