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Involve Your Friends As You “Make An Entrance”

Involve Your Friends As You “Make An Entrance”

We have written about the trend of creative entrance videos and creative entrance decor, now it’s time to talk about the actual entrance!

If you don’t want to have an entrance video produced or just have the MC announce your child’s name and enter on the shoulders of your dancers, we have some alternatives.

How about involving your child’s friends in the actual “entrance?”


We have found unique ways families are “making their entrance” into their Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations by including their child’s friends.


Make A Mitzvah Entrance: Josh Gindi

Bar Mitzvah boy Josh gathered a dozen of his summer camp friends right before “making his entrance” and asked them to put on football jerseys. They all entered together, carrying Josh as if they were arriving on the football field for a big game. Appropriate NFL music played and the DJ provided a “smokey” effect

Involve Your Friends In The Entrance
Skylar’s Bat Mitzvah took place at the East Meadow Jewish Center and she gave her friends lighted sequin gloves from Windy City Novelty. They lined up and she “made her entrance” through a tunnel of flashing, multicolor fingertips!

Adams Creative Images Make An Entrance

From Adams Creative Images, this Bar Mitzvah boy asked some of his female friends to act as his “cheerleaders” by giving them T-shirts and pom poms as he made his entrance

Milbauer Make an Entrance

From the Milbauer Family Spotlight, hockey fan Mitchell had his friends holding up hockey sticks. He made his “entrance” by walking thru a tunnel of hockey sticks being held up by his teammates!

Mitzvah Entrance: Involve Your Friends

Party Perfect borrowed this idea from the Wedding world. Ribbon wands were purchased from Living a Fairytale on Etsy. They were customized to match theme colors, and each one had a little crystal on the top. Guests waved the ribbon wands as the Bat Mitzvah girl “made her entrance”

Did your child involve their friends as they “made their entrance?” We would love to share your idea with our readers. Let us know at [email protected].

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