Creative Bar Bat Mitzvah Entrances

Creative Bar Bat Mitzvah Entrances

Creative Bar Bat Mitzvah Entrances

When planning your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration, it’s fun to bring their personality into their special day.

Many families are doing this with their child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah party entrance. We have previously written about Creative “Make An Entrance” Ideas and decided to round up some more.

Some are funny, some coordinate with a theme, but all are memorable! Here are some of our favorites to inspire you when planning for your child.

Make An Entrance: Party Harty
Party Harty Entertainment shows us how the entire family got into the entrance fun with the Bar Mitzvah boy entering on a dirt bike (top right) at his celebration at Driftwood Day Camp

DanceJock Productions: Make An Entrance

The DanceJock Productions dancers help this Bar Mitzvah boy “Ride the Wave” into his party

Malavsky entrance
From A&G Picture This!, Max enters his sports themed party with guests waving rally towels

Sarah Merians Make An Entrance
Sarah Merians Photography & Video Company captured this Bar Mitzvah boy’s friends carrying him in for his entrance

Make An Entrance: Lighter Than Air
Lighter Than Air can create a “break through” wall to match any theme like they did above for Jordan’s World Cup Bar Mitzvah

Make An Entrance: Jimmy Dee Entertainment

Jimmy Dee Entertainment shares Max’s entrance on roller blades

Casual Candids: Make An Entrance

Casual Candids captured this Bar Mitzvah boy’s entrance on a motorcycle

Morgan Imberman make an entrance
Event planner Melissa Imberman of The Event of A Lifetime had daughter Morgan carried into the room by her DJ dancers to “Queen of the Jungle,” on a raft that was adorned with zebra print fabric, neon pink ruffles, leaves, and flowers

X-quisite Events Zamboni entrance
This Bar Mitzvah boy made his entrance into his party on a custom built “Zamboni” by X-Quisite Flowers and Events Inc

R.E.A.D. Amusements

R.E.A.D. Amusements offers Segways to rent for your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah entrance!

Christine Foster: Make An Entrance

Christine Foster Photography sent in this guest appearance by The Phillie Phanatic to get Jake’s party started!

Fashionable Travel boardwalk shot

From Beautiful Blooms, Bat Mitzvah girl Shayna makes her entrance on the boardwalk in Atlantic City

Did your child have a creative Bar Bat Mitzvah entrance? Let us know at [email protected].



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