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Green Purse

Green Purse

A Bag With A Story
Greenpurse is a unique Website. The owner/designer Tina Wick creates one-of-a-kind handbags and accessories by recylcing pre-used fabric. All of her creations are just unique and innovative. You can purchase handbags from her Website or you can special order The Custom Bag….

Greenpurse example

An example of a Greenpurse creation!

Tina will create a custom handbag using fabric from your heirloom clothing such as a wedding dress or a favorite sweater. By creating a handbag out of an existing treasure (that would otherwise hang in the back of your closet or sit in a box in your attic), Tina is allowing you to carry a handbag that is “current” with a story all its own. We think that there is some Mitzvah potential to a custom Greenpurse creation! Check out the Greenpurse Website, and we think you will be inspired!

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