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Jewelry For A Cause

Jewelry For A Cause

Jewelry For A Cause is a company that combines jewelry and philanthropy. As their tagline says, it’s “Jewelry that sparkles with good intentions.” Sounds like a win/win to us!

Here’s how Jewelry For A Cause works: When you buy any piece of fine jewelry from their LIVE AND LET LIVE collection, they will donate 10% of the proceeds to your charity of choice. Or you can use the jewelry as your Mitzvah project with their easy-to-use Mitzvah Kits to raise money for any non-profit organization. For those Mitzvah Moms who organize school fundraisers, these Mitzvah Kits might work well for you, too!

Jewelry For A Cause bracelet

Here’s our translation ….

No more wrapping paper or pizza fundraisers and no more bake sales! With Mitzvah Kits, you purchase a kit containing 18 or 36 assorted peace charms, waxed cotton cord for stringing and instructions on how to make the adjustable knots. It’s very easy to do! Then, you can go out and sell the jewelry to raise money for the charity or school of your choice. When you are done, people will be wearing something you made and they will have learned about (and supported) a cause that is important to you!

To learn more about fundraising opportunities, visit the Jewelry For A Cause Website.

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