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Cut By 2 Blondes

Cut By 2 Blondes

Let’s Hear it for the Boys

Boys’ fashion choices are often few and far between. If you have a son and a daughter, you know first-hand that the boys’ section of any department store is a fraction of the size of the girls’ section. And when it comes time to do the Mitzvah circuit, your son ends up wearing the same shirts over and over to his friends’ Mitzvahs. At least this is what Jami Leen Weisman and Andrea Brody Gillman of CUT By 2 Blondes found. They decided to do something about it.

“We have four sons between us, and we got tired of them going to an event and seeing half the boys there wearing the same striped shirt,” Jami says. “So we thought we’d do something about it.” And they did. About a year and a half ago, they created CUT By 2 Blondes, a company that creates cool, hip, button-down shirts for boys. Their “big CUT” line carries shirts in sizes 8 to 22, and their “little CUT” shirts are sizes 2 to 8. The shirts start at $65 for the little CUT and $85 for the big CUT. Both lines are carried in boutiques and stores around the country, including Lester’s.

Cut By 2 Blondes shirt example

A Cut By 2 Blondes creation!

In addition to making “effortless, comfortable, cool and hip” shirts for boys, they also will design and create a completely custom and one-of-a-kind shirt for a special occasion, such as a Bar Mitzvah. With as little as six week’s notice, the two blondes can work with a young man to create a shirt that fits him – in size and personality – to help make his special day even more special.

To find out more about CUT By 2 Blondes, be sure and visit their Website.

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