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Melony New York

Melony New York

Don’t have access to a Hollywood stylist? Do not worry! We’d like to introduce you to sylist and designer Melony Mazzeo.

Listening to Melony Mazzeo of East Williston, NY, tell her story is like taking a walk down fashion’s memory lane. She has had her hand in many trends over the years – from oversized earrings in the 80s to embellished sweater sets in the 90s. But in the last decade, Melony has found her real calling – designing gowns, dresses, jackets, tops and other women’s apparel.

After selling her unique gowns under her label “Melony New York” in different upscale boutiques, Melony decided to switch gears. She removed all of her gowns from the stores and created her own custom showroom in her home. By allowing clients to shop in her showroom, she removed the middle-man retailer and has created a win/win for her and her fans.

Melony pix example

Example of a Melony creation!

“I ultimately save my clients a lot of time and money,” Melony says. “When they are in my showroom, I can really work with them to find that dress.” Melony also says she enjoys collaborating with her clients. “If they don’t like a certain strap, well then, we take care of that right there and then,” she says.

If you are in the market for a dress, whether you are going to be the hostess, a guest or the guest of honor, be sure and give Melony a call at 516-742-4679. She sees clients by appointment, so call for her availability. Tell her Mitzvah Moms sent you! Melony will open her home and her heart to help you find the perfect dress for your occassion.

See more photos of Melony’s dresses and her showroom on our blog.

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