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Creative Entrances For Your Bar Bat Mitzvah Child

Creative Entrances For Your Bar Bat Mitzvah Child


Many children choose to enter their Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration on the shoulders of the DJ dancers, but a growing number of families are getting more creative!

A unique entrance can show off your child’s personality as soon as they walk in. Check out our previous story Creative Bar Bat Mitzvah Entrances and take a look at all the great ideas below:

Creative Entrance

Sweet Dreams Studios took a great shot of this Bat Mitzvah girl’s special entrance on a throne

  Whiter Scrim Curtain Drop

A large screen and the Bat Mitzvah girl’s silhouette lead to a terrific entrance from EK Productions

From Lighter Than Air Events, the guest of honor was driven into the party room on the back of a golf cart decorated with her logo

Creative Entrances unique Musique

This Bat Mitzvah girl took a ride with Unique Musique Entertainment for her entrance

Hally - entrance w/pom-poms

Since Amanda is on a cheer team, it was only appropriate that during her entrance guests cheered holding purple pom-poms.
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Creative Entrances: Photography By Maya 

Creative Photography by Maya sent us this shot of a Bar Mitzvah boy being escorted into the room by the Amazing Bottle Dancers

 Leanna entrance

Leanna Grau’s Bat Mitzvah was at SPACE in Engelwood, New Jersey. Leanna was lifted and zip-lined across the dance floor to her destination as impressed guests looked on and recorded it on their smart phones. To see more ideas from this celebration, click here

Sarah Merians: Creative Entrances
Sarah Merians Photography & Video Company shot this Bar Mitzvah boy entering on a surfboard

 Gruber entrance
From an upcoming Mitzvah Family Spotlight story, Lighter Than Air Events made a breakaway wall for this Bar Mitzvah entrance

 Creative Entrance

Another breakaway idea was used with a Twilight Zone theme when Bar Mitzvah the Bar Mitzvah boy came through a television from HRG Creations

 Halloween Bar Mitzvah entrance

When your last name is “Horror”witz and your theme is Halloween, your entrance is spooky!
See more of this celebration from Party Perfect Orlando here 

 Did your child have a creative entrance to their Bar or Bat Mitzvah? Please send us a photo at [email protected].



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