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Mitzvah Find: Scrap Your Event

Mitzvah Find: Scrap Your Event
Scrap Your Event makes custom scrapbooks by using your photos and memorabilia. What a great way to preserve your Bar Bat Mitzvah memories.

Creator Orit Lagnado has been scrap booking for over 13 years and decided to create a business around this hobby. She uses all the great details that are special to you but does not usually get into your photographer’s album like the speeches, candle lighting poems and accessories like place cards and napkins.  This is a great opportunity to save all of the things that made your event unique, the choices you spent weeks and months making to make the event reflect your son or daughter.

This scrapbook will tell the story of the entire weekend including the invitations you sent out at the beginning to the thank you cards at the end.



The invitation
A place for the RSVP, directions and party info

Kippot and favor tag
Color coordinate page backgrounds according to the items given to her like these napkins and photographs

The details of the Mitzvah Project can be included as well


 You can include the speech for your son/daughter as well

 Scrap Your Event makes it easy and so special that years from now you and your child can open the album and reminiscence about this special time. You can email Orit at [email protected]
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