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Something Meaningful For Your Bat Mitzvah!

Something Meaningful For Your Bat Mitzvah!

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You can make a difference and change lives with your Mitzvah Project!

A Bat Mitzvah is an extraordinary milestone. Unfortunately, (thanks Covid!) the party you dreamed of until now isn’t happening, but you can still accomplish the “mitzvah” part of Bat Mitzvah – and turn it into something unique by helping orphaned girls in Israel.

If the word “orphanage” conjures up images of Orphan Annie scrubbing grimy, wooden floors while singing “It’s a Hard-Knock Life,” you need to visit Lev LaLev. Hopefully soon!

LevLaLev (Heart-to-Heart) is located in Netanya, Israel and since 1962, provides a warm and loving home to the 120 girls who reside here between the ages 8-24. Many girls are orphans, and were left without adequate food, clothing, and shelter. Most girls were suffering from neglect, abuse or worse.

Our girls are just like you. They love life. They love friendship and value friends like you who understand them and go beyond the call of duty to provide them with all the things they love and need.

Your Mitzvah Project ensures all their basic needs are met and they receive the gift of field trips, extra-curricular activities, gifts and so much more.

Inspired! Let’s get started! Call us today to start your mitzvah project. Our experienced Mitzvah Project Coordinator will provide ideas and tips to ensure your Mitzvah project is meaningful, memorable and everlasting.

Have an idea?
We are excited to set up your unique fundraiser and have it include your hobbies and interests. Get in touch with us for more detail.

Call: 845-367-7130 ext. 102
Email: [email protected]
You can make an orphan girl smile again – and make Bat Mitzvah even more meaningful.

Looking forward to celebrating together!

Chavi Weiss
Director of Development
Lev LaLev Girls Orphanage
[email protected]

Girls Like You Who Have Made a Difference:
o    Bella Silberstein, CA
“I never in my life thought that having my bat mitzvah would bring out this much joy because I got to make these special girls in Israel smile. “
o    Margo Weinberger, NY
“Whatever I did for these girls makes me so happy.  But I feel as though they did way more for me. We may be six thousand miles away but we really all are family.”

Get Started On Your Mitzvah Project Now!

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