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SPACE – Unforgettable Bar and Bat Mitzvah Entrances

SPACE – Unforgettable Bar and Bat Mitzvah Entrances

SPACE is a revolutionary and renowned Bar and Bat Mitzvah venue that offers a unique experience catering to guests of all ages.

For over a decade, SPACE has provided a solution to alleviate all of the stress and anxiety associated with planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration. 

Everything from the venue, the menu, the decor, and the staff is in-house. SPACE offers a private event setting that is conducive for both children and adults. They offer high-tech entertainment, with the largest video game selection, a laser tag arena, exclusive paint-less paintball and bowling alley. Combining entertainment for all ages with the elegance of a country club and the ambiance of a nightclub makes SPACE a winning venue for all.

Your Child’s Grand Bar or Bat Mitzvah Entrance!

SPACE has been branded as the “sickest” Grand Entrance. It is the only exclusive venue known for their outrageous Bar and Bat Mitzvah entrance. SPACE custom built and designed a safe and secure Lyra Grand Entrance. Each guest of honor is strapped in a safe harness and descends from the ceiling which is carefully controlled by 3 people. As your Bar or Bat Mitzvah child is coming down from ceiling, there are confetti machines, co2 blasts and the guest of honor has a choice to hold their own co2 cannon gun. Your child’s entrance at SPACE will never be forgotten by your child or your guests.

Click here to see a video highlighting all the grand entrances at SPACE

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