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Elevate Event Lounge: An Ever-Changing Bar Bar Mitzvah Venue

Elevate Event Lounge: An Ever-Changing Bar Bar Mitzvah Venue

Elevate Event Lounge is the newest and hottest Bar Bat Mitzvah venue to come to Westchester. 

They are a private event facility that specializes in taking your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah entertainment to the next level. They will help you every step of the way to make planning as stress-free and fun-filled as possible. 

Their state-of-the-art sound system, special effects lighting and interactive photo opportunities will make your event a memorable one. They even offer bus services to and from your event as well as valet parking. 



They are always changing and evolving. In their short time in Yorktown Heights, they have already changed their party space multiple times. They take every piece of constructive criticism into account and are always trying to make their space bigger and better. In fact, many clients have commented how wonderful the space looks each time they visit. 


So what is new at Elevate? “What isn’t new?” is a better question! They are regularly receiving new modern lounge furniture, so they can always change-up the look. Some of their newest pieces include: “S Snake” ottomans, a Semi Circle Chaff Lounge and a Circle Ottoman with a cylinder in the center. Their lounge furniture looks great and is comfortable too! 

 Another new addition to the Elevate room is their Light up Candy Bar! An eight foot rolling display with eight canisters that hold a minimum of five lbs of candy each, plus room for your traditional candy bar set up. The best part: you can customize it to your child’s theme! 

Their dance floor is now equipped with a two-tier, 100 square feet, light up dance stage surrounded in trussing with three TVs. Two of the TVs display digital posters of the guest of honor. They ask the guests of honor to come in the week before their party, with a few different wardrobe changes, and they take a mini photo shoot to display on the sides of the dance stages – while the top TV continuously shows Zap Shots, a Montage or Photos. 

One of the most dramatic changes that has been made at Elevate Event Lounge is their new entrance. They now have three screens and a light up entrance. The guest of honor’s name and logo is displayed on the front of the building on the two outer screens, while the middle screen shows a live feed of the party and or photos. The outside gets lit up in a color that the guest of honor selects. Parents that are coming for pick up love to see the middle screen showing the party while they are waiting for their kids!

To learn more about Elevate Event Lounge, visit their extended profile page in our Vendor Directory.

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