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What’s New At Kombert Caterers Inc.

What’s New At Kombert Caterers Inc.

When it comes to delectable food and flawless service for your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration, one name stands out above the rest: KOMBERT CATERERS, located at Temple Avodah in Oceanside, New York.

Since 1952, they have been family owned and operated and over the years have built a reputation on satisfying clients for each and every event, from dream weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs to corporate meetings and events.

They are always improving and creating new experiences for their guests.




Recently, they completed the installation of a state of the art, intelligent light system. With this new system their lighting engineer can customize high-intensity laser beam spots, with a haze effect for a dramatic entrance, candle lighting ceremony, speeches, special dances and much more!


Additionally, their new 16 foot motorized L.E.D. wall provides special effects, monograms, theme oriented scenes, zap shots and live video streaming, capturing all of your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah memories.

Below are some photos of their ballroom showcasing these new features.


Kombert Caterers, located at Avodah Temple in Oceanside, New York also provides the latest in lounge furniture and photo booths for your event. Call 516-678-6161 and ask about their exclusive package which includes your cocktail hour, dinner/dancing, kids club lounge and all event planning from start to finish!

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