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Your Name Used In A Bar Bat Mitzvah Logo

Your Name Used In A Bar Bat Mitzvah Logo

For those who have planned their child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah party and have tried to come up with a logo, you make a crazy realization. You should have thought about this 13 years ago when picking a name for your child!

We have come across some very clever logos incorporating children’s names and had to share.


Take a look at all of the below…people are so creative!




Gotham T-shirts "Name"
“JUST DREW IT” from Gotham T-Shirt

Freddy Set Go "Name"

“FREDDY SET GO” from a kids sports party in Chicago

M Studio Events "Name"
Everything was “TO THE MAX” for Bat Mitzvah girl Maxine from M. Studio Events Party Concierge
Also included were “Hydrate To The Max” for the water bottles, “Taste To The Max” on the menus and “Relax To The Max” on the pillows!

Kamiel favors
From the Kamiel Bar Mitzvah spotlight story, event planner Dayna Plotnick used “CASEY @ THE BAT” for her son’s baseball themed Bar Mitzvah

Sarah Merian Photography: Name In Logo
From Sarah Merians Photography & Videography Company “IT’S ALLY GOOD”

Heitner invite

A “CARLY AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY” invitation from Dear Friends and the Heitner Bat Mitzvah Family spotlight story "Name"


Jaylor Party Favors "Name"

“LEX AND THE CITY” from Jaylor Party Favors

cirque de sara done brilliantly

 “CIRQUE DE SARA” by Just Events

Phoebe Brenner dancer shirts
A Promos USA/ImakeMaker created dancer t-shirts and other giveaways for a “PHOEBELIOUS” celebration from the NJ Brenner Bat Mitzvah Family spotlight story

Beer decor
DanceJock Productions was the music entertainment for “MADISON’S SQUARE GARDEN” in this Mitzvah Inspire

 Mazel Tov Gear: Name Logos designed “a & a’s” for a Bat Mitzvah girl who loved M & Ms

Balloon Artistry Name in a logo

Balloon Artistry created “MATTHEW’S CARTOON NETWORK”

Sayings For You Name Logo
Sayings For You created this logo for a Bat Mitzvah girl with the last name “STARR!”

Simon Elliot Events: Name In Logo
Simon Elliot Events provided this logo design by And That for a girl named Olivia. “LIV 4…” and listed all of her favorite things

EVC Everything Apparel

ESPN’s logo turned into “DSPN” for a Bar Mitzvah boy named Danny from JDK Design Inc.

Did you have a clever logo using your child’s name? Let us know at [email protected].


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