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The Mitzvah Song: Everything It Takes To Plan A Bar Bat Mitzvah

The Mitzvah Song: Everything It Takes To Plan A Bar Bat Mitzvah


The Mitzvah Song – A Video Parody About Everything It Takes To Plan A Bar/Bat Mitzvah In 2 Minutes/38 Seconds.


The Moms behind-the-scenes at Mitzvah Market have been through the planning process and bring you this funny song! We are are also the ones bringing our readers the very latest and newest ideas in Bar and Bat Mitzvah planning.

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Our song has been viewed by over 53,000 and we hope you will enjoy it too!

The Mitzvah Song is a video presentation of the full planning process of a modern day Bar/Bat Mitzvah using the William Tell Overture as its’ score.

This humorous YouTube video explores all the details a family will go through while planning their child’s milestone event, a Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration. The video is set to song and performed by mothers of Bar/Bat Mitzvah children who have already been through the planning process.


Here are some still photos from the production of the making of this video:

Mitzvah Song
The cake must have a theme! This scene was shot at a small bakery in Syosset, NY

From picking a date to the invitations, custom, stamps, montage, horah, favors, fashion and more, anyone who is planning, has planned or knows anyone in planning mode will relate as this funny video brings all the elements to life.

Mitzvah Song

Picking a dress is another important element of the planning process. This scene was shot at a dress store

Mitzvah Song
The Mitzvah Moms had fun shooting in front of a green screen at Simon Elliot Events

The Mitzvah Song is a joint production between three Bar/Bat Mitzvah vendors:, Poems By Carolyn and Simon Elliot Events.

Mitzvah Song
Please watch The Mitzvah Song video


About Poem By Carolyn
Carolyn Gilbert Schwartz is a creative writer for special events and celebrations who has been providing personalized writing services across the United States for over the past 12 years.

About Simon Elliot Events
Simon Elliot Events is a New York based event production company that specializes in state of the art digitalmedia the Simon Elliot creative team is dedicated to providing innovative services and productions that inspire.

A big THANK YOU to the Mitzvah Moms who participated in our song: Leslie Adler, Karyn Greenblatt and Fran Silverman.

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