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On The Circuit…With Zoe

On The Circuit…With Zoe

By Zoe Gelman

I’m excited to share my first blog post with MitzvahMarket.com. I hope everyone likes these ideas as much as I did.

Over all, my friend Hannah’s Bat Mitzvah was so exciting. It took place at the Zumba Studio in Norwalk, Connecticut.

There was so much energy, dancing, and much more. The music entertainment was provided by Starlight Express and Waldo was the MC. The motivators were really good and helpful too. Their job was to get everyone dancing and play lots of games with many prizes and much more.

Her theme was Instagram and she had a photo booth that was connected to Instagram so any photo you posted to Instagram would also come up on the photo booth. Her guests could edit them, and then print. I have never seen anything like this before. On the couches, she had purple fuzzy pillows with the Instagram logo that read, #hannahgram.

Another thing I really liked was the bows that the motivators threw out into the crowd. No one in my town has had them and kids went crazy over them! They were definitely a big hit! The whole room lit up from the bows and it made the party so much better!

Many of Hannah’s close friends gave speeches at her service (she only invited family and close friends) and her best friend (me) gave a speech at the party. She did it this way so people would not get bored listening to so many memories and inside jokes of other people!

She had a make your own chocolate bar which was really fun. You got your chocolate at the end of the party. The only problem with the chocolate bar was it was very crowded and took people away from dancing. Luckily the motivators were really on top of it and fixed the problem by dancing with them and playing games.

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I’m excited to go to all of my friend’s Bar and Bat Mitzvahs this year, but can’t wait for mine. It will be the last of all my friends. When I’m not with my friends, I’m cheering, all the time. I cheer competitively for an all star team and travel around the country with my team.


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