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Top Questions To Ask A Bar Bat Mitzvah Venue Before You Book

Top Questions To Ask A Bar Bat Mitzvah Venue Before You Book

After you receive your child’s Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah date, you are ready to start planning!

One of the first steps is selecting a venue. This is something you’ll want to do well in advance — venues do get booked, especially during popular months. 

Consider the type of celebration that is appropriate for your family: Do you prefer afternoon or evening? A sit-down dinner or buffet style service? Will it be a kids-only party? Would you prefer a traditional setting or an alternative space such as a chic nightclub, sports venue or how about a beach location?

When visiting venues, it is important to ask questions! We’ve gathered a list of key questions from some our of venue vendors that they suggest you ask before, during or after you visit each venue.



How many guests can the venue accommodate?
May we have the venue exclusively for our event?
Is there a separate area for adults and kids or are they together in one room?
How many events occur at one time?
Do you have different packages for daytime and evening events?
Can you accommodate a ceremony?
Is alcohol service available?
May we bring in outside vendors, caterer? 
Do we need to rent lounge furniture? Do you have hi-top tables and other accent pieces? 
Do we need to hire an outside event designer? A florist?
If our Bar or Bat Mitzvah falls during the Christmas season, why type of seasonal decorations will there be in your facility? 

Check out these venues below:


Does your venue work with any budget?
What does your pricing include?
Do you offer an all-inclusive package with vendors (DJ, catering, decor), included?
What do you require for a deposit to hold our date?
Are all your costs included in the contract? Are there any additional fees?

Check out these venues below:


What do you offer to entertain both kids and adults at your facility?
What do you offer that is kid-friendly and can make my event unique and different from something typical?
Do we need to hire an entertainment company?
Can we bring in our own entertainment?

Check out these venues below:



Is there an on-site coordinator available to make sure everything is running smoothly, so that I can enjoy the party?
Can your facility monitor the kids to ensure that they are fully engaged in the party? Do I need to hire security?
Can you create a menu that appeals to adults and kids?
Do you cater to people with allergies?
How much time is allowed for event planners for set-up and break-down?
Do you have any restrictions on decorating?
What is your snow/inclement weather policy? When can we postpone, due to weather, without being penalized?
What will the venue do if the event can not happen due to weather or otherwise? 
Regarding cancellation policies, what is refundable and what is not? 

Check out these venues below:

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