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Clever Bar Bat Mitzvah Sayings & Messages For Your Guests

Clever Bar Bat Mitzvah Sayings & Messages For Your Guests

We love for our readers to see great ideas from other families who have already been through the Bar Bat Mitzvah process.

We’ve rounded-up some very clever ways we’ve seen Mitzvah hosts “talk” to their guests. These messages and sayings are meant to make guests feel special and happy that their presence at your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah was appreciated.

After seeing these Bar Bat Mitzvah ideas, we hope they will inspire you!

Wabnik Pies
For their winter Bar Mitzvah celebration, the Wabnik family gave each family a delicious mini apple crumb pie with an adorable ‘goodbye’ sticker

 Lapidus slippers

As guests left the Lapidus celebration, a comfy pair of slippers were waiting along with a reminder to turn back the clocks!

The sticker on the slippers read:
We hope you had fun, but you’re probably beat,
Ladies take off your shoes and “slip” these on your feet.

The Sunday paper is for you to check out the news,
Don’t forget to turn your clocks back before you snooze!

Thanks for coming to share in all our joy,
With hugs and kisses from Carly, Evan, Sheri and Roy


Maskell ear plugs

The Maskell family provided these bags of ear plugs, with a poem attached. They were on the tables for any guest who needed them!

The poem read:
Wanna dance and hang out with the rest of the crowd?
Wanna have fun but the music’s too loud?
Open this bag – this is your chance:
Plug up your ears, then GET UP & DANCE!!!

Laff thank you cards

The Laff family created a custom “thank you” note from their family to their guests at each place setting


Sara Renee Winter Bar Mitzvah menu thank you

 At this ski lodge themed party, a custom printed “thank you” was at each place setting from the guest of honor

 Rofe Thank you for coming
The Rofe family decided on an “Art Mitzvah” theme for their daughter Kara. The decor was Pop Art and they infused that into much of the decor. Pictured above: A message for their guests as they were leaving at the end of the night

 Hi Tech Malamud great sign

 When the Malamud family wanted to include the older sibling in brother Zach’s celebration, Hi-Tech Photography Events created a poster with a great saying: “Brett and Jenna Been there, Done that!” 

Shiff favor note
Inspired by the Lapidus slipper idea above, the Shiff family put their own spin on this idea since the next day was Mother’s Day!

 Weinstein Napkin directions

These napkins were served at the Weinstein Bat Mitzvah kiddush. It had the directions to the party venue where guests were headed!

Did you have a great saying at your Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration? Let us know at [email protected].

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