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Get $10 Off

Get $10 Off

With summer ending, Bar Bat Mitzvah planning season is starting. Mitzvah Organizer makes your planning easier and reduces the stress. Now you can save some money, too!


Mitzvah Organizer is the go-to planning tool when you are trying to keep track of all the details of your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration. It was created by the team at Mitzvah Market, the online resource for those planning a Bar Bat Mitzvah.

Mitzvah Organizer will save you time and money because it’s easy to keep track of your budget and organize all the details of your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration. In one place you can manage you guest lists, seating arrangements, favors, transportation, Temple honors, candle lighting and much more. Since it is in the cloud, you can use it from your office, tablet or phone. Your whole team can collaborate: party planners, grandparents, even your spouse.

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Everything you need is here! In one, well-organized planner, you will have access to a budget planner, guest list management system and your celebration details plus much more!

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Hundreds of other families across the country are using Mitzvah Organizer.

Here’s what some had to say:

I searched and couldn’t find anything that compares to Mitzvah Organizer. It truly organized all my details and I’m not sure I could have planned our celebration without! — Lori C, Warren, NJ

This software is a MUST for anyone organizing a Bat/Bar Mitzvah. Just managing the mailing list and who gets invited to the different events made using this software well worth it. — Patrick I, Little Rock, AR

When planning our older daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, I actually posted on Facebook asking if anyone knew of a Bat Mitzvah planning website. Most people laughed. Fast forward one year and I am enjoying using your Mitzvah Organizer for our younger daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. Thank you. — Dara C, Hollywood, FL

Having never planned a Bat Mitzvah before, your software was a true life saver. It helped me stay organized, generate lists for all of my vendors as well as monitor my budget. Our Bat Mitzvah was this past Saturday and I’m now onto the last stage with organizing the gifts for the thank you cards. Thank you, your program helped me stay sane! — Ellen L, Fairfield, CT

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