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Tablums: Digital Video Albums

Tablums: Digital Video Albums

Mitzvah Market brings you, our readers, the newest products and services for Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations.

We recently learned about Tablums and couldn’t wait to share this just released product with our readers.

The Tablum is an innovative and unique album that combines High Definition Video with a traditional photo album. They are available in many sizes and shapes and tablet choices.

Although they look like your usual photo album, it has a place for a tablet computer! On the above album, it’s in the center

Tablet choices are the iPAD 2, iPAD mini and the Blackberry Playbook. They all can be placed on the front cover, inside front cover (as shown above) or inside back cover depending on your preference


Pricing starts at $905. The Tablum enables the viewer to watch video of your event from start to finish or by segments of your event simply by touching a descriptive icon. You can also view photographs that haven’t been included in your photo album by using the photo icon on the tablet.

You provide the photos and video, they create your Tablum! For more information, visit




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