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On The Circuit…With Tara

On The Circuit…With Tara

By Tara Silberg

It’s Tara, telling YOU what’s happening on the Bar/Bat Mitzvah circuit today.

I’m now in 8th grade and my time “on the circuit” is winding down, but I’m still seeing lots of new ideas at the Bar/Bat Mitzvahs I’m attending.

I would like to tell you about a new giveaway that I received at a party last weekend. My close friend Jason did a great job at his service and then it was off to his celebration. Us kids received a great giveaway in addition to the sweatshirt favor. Yes, that’s two giveaways!

Simon Elliot Events created  a “beatz” station in the kids lounge area. Think that’s it? That was only the beginning. When you approached the station, you were given lots of choices so you could customize your beatz headphones. Both sides had a sticker with whatever picture you wanted. There were lots to choose from, including Justin Bieber, “YOLO,” Taylor Swift, and many others! Next, you were asked to choose a top. Just like the sides, the amount of tops to choose from were never ending. After you told them all your choices, you were done. As easy as that!

At the end of Jason’s party, it was time to collect our favors. I was expecting my headphones to be in a bag, but I was taken by surprise when I saw what they were in. A box that read, “beats by jason,” and a great picture of him wearing them.

The sides of the box (shown below) had “jason’s bar mitzvah” and the date displayed. Inside were my beatz, that came out just perfect! I couldn’t have had a better night.

Mazel Tov to Jason and his family. Till next time…On The Circuit With Tara!

About Tara Silberg
I’m in 8th grade at Jericho Middle School and I love art. When I say art, I’m talking about photography, painting, and drawing. I also love music. When I feel stressed, I listen to my iPod to calm down. I will most likely attend between 60-70 Bar/Bat Mitzvahs before I finish 8th grade. I’m excited to be reporting from “The Bar/Bat Mitzvah Circuit” for Mitzvah Market.com.


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