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On The Bar Bat Mitzvah Circuit…With Carrie

On The Bar Bat Mitzvah Circuit…With Carrie

By Carrie Berk

I’m a 13 year old Bar & Bat Mitzvah teen blogger for and live on the Upper East Side in NYC. I love fashion, soul cycle, theater, hanging out with friends, and cupcakes (I have a blog about them: My Bat Mitzvah Project is for my dance teacher and friend, Elizabeth Maria Walsh, who died of a rare form of cancer at just 26 years old. Direct message me on Instagram (@carrieberkk) for information on how to donate, and follow me for more fun Bat Mitzvah photos!



When I heard that my friend, Rylie was going to have a Bat Mitzvah, I was positive that the theme was going to be her favorite sport: soccer. Rylie is an intense soccer player, going to practice (including games) 7 days a week, both at her school, and a competitive soccer team! She is one of the most hardworking people I know, and her and her family worked tirelessly to put the celebration together.

I was blown away by the beautiful invitation that came in the mail. It was round shaped, resembling a soccer ball, with the tagline “Kick it with Rylie!” written in graffiti font. I loved how it gave guests a hint as to what the party would be like- soccer with an urban vibe.


The venue was Powerhouse Studios, a Hollywood themed venue with movie props all over the room–there was a life size batman, a handprint wall with Daniel Radcliffe’s signature on it, and even an Oscar statuette! Rylie made sure to strike a pose with the Delorean car from Back to the Future.

As guests entered, they were surrounded by pictures of Rylie being projected on screens, some of her holding her most prized possession: a soccer ball. These photos were shot before the celebration by Deborah Grosmark.

People received a playbook with their seating assignments. It was super clever, and went perfectly with the theme!

Attendees also got to sign a giant picture of Rylie holding a soccer ball–all of her friends were sure to leave special messages for the Bat Mitzvah girl!

The tables were also decorated with pictures of Rylie playing soccer, with motivating words such as “endurance, motivation, teamwork.”

The night kicked off with a game of trivia, as Rylie’s friends were challenged to answer personal questions about the Bat Mitzvah girl. They guessed her favorite place to shop, favorite color, and favorite sport (although that one was easy). Prizes included bracelets and necklaces that glowed or had special lighting effects!

Guests were having a blast, enjoying the different activities that the celebration had to offer. There was a step n repeat to take photos with props–this way, people would have an amazing memory from an amazing night!

There was also a graffiti station, where trucker hats and soccer balls were both being graffitied, in whatever colors you wanted. I had never seen soccer balls being graffitied at a Bat Mitzvah before–so unique!

For the appetizers, many of Rylie’s favorite finger foods were being served, including egg rolls, pigs in a blanket, pizza bites, and mozzarella sticks–yum! Butlers also served apps to the adults, such as mini reuben sandwiches, BBQ brisket sliders, crab cakes, and spinach empanadas!

All eyes were drawn to Rylie’s parents, Michele and Cory when they came out to introduce the montage: they were wearing referee and coach shirts. Rylie seemed ecstatic that her parents were so supportive of her soccer passion!

But, Rylie was certainly not wearing her sports outfit on her special night. She was wearing a stunning teal blue beaded dress. She decided to pair this elegant design with an accessory that matched the theme of her special night: adorable teal-striped soccer socks! She also had custom made graffiti sneakers with her favorite things on them: a dog emoji, her iPhone, and a soccer ball, as well as her name, logo, and geometric shapes.

The main course was absolutely delectable: kids were served Rylie’s faves, which included chicken fingers, mac & cheese, sliders, french fries, and penne vodka.

Adults enjoyed their entree as well: there was both a carving station and an italian station for them. At the carving station, foods such as filet mignon and smashed potatoes were served. At the italian station, classics such as chicken marsala and eggplant rollatini were being devoured.

When it came to dessert, the venue, which supplied the food, truly knocked it out of the park. There were delicious homemade s’mores, and even DIY ice cream sundaes, with a candy bar where guests could choose their toppings! Attendees also ate warm chocolate chip cookies that were straight out of the oven–they were almost as sweet as the Bat Mitzvah girl.

Overall, it was an incredible night, with a theme that perfectly suited Rylie’s personality. Not only the guests had a blast, but Rylie made memories during her celebration that she will never forget. Score!



Food/DJ/MC/Dancers/Graffiti Artist/Step N Repeat: Provided by Powerhouse Studios
Invitation/Logo: Loren2Events
Bat Mitzvah Dress: A Step Ahead
Pre-shoot Photographer: Deborah Grosmark
Party Photographer: Provided by Powerhouse Studios
Favor Shirts: Creative Works
Sneakers: Kicks by Maya

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