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Bar Bat Mitzvah Planning Ideas From

Bar Bat Mitzvah Planning Ideas From

Mitzvah Market loves finding great ideas for Bar Bat Mitzvah party planning on

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that organizes and shares things that you find on the web. People use it to plan their parties, decorate their homes, organize interesting recipes and so much more.

This post will be updated with all our interesting Pinterest finds for those who are not following our boards. We have nearly 1 million monthly followers! If you are a Pinterest user, please follow our boards here!

Bar Bat Mitzvah Place Cards

From our Bar & Bat Mitzvah Place Cards board, a clever idea from Martha Stewart’s board


From our Invitation board, we can’t take credit for this funny photo, but all can relate to the frustration of not getting back your RSVPs!

Bar Mitzvah theme

Now on our Clever Finds board from, a great Olympic party idea — especially if your last name has “Gold” in it!

Bar Mitzvah logo

From our Bar Bat Mitzvah Logos board, this clever logo, a take-off on The Blues Brothers was created by


Idea From Pinterest

From our Creative Place Cards board, these adorable flip flop place cards for beach themed Bat Mitzvah were created by the user

Ideas On Pinterest
From our Party Decor board, this idea came from B Lovely Events

Ideas From Pinterest

Cupcakes displayed in your monogram from our Creative Foods board

Ideas From Pinterest

From our Creative Place Cards board, we loved these “key” escort cards for a “car” themed Bar Mitzvah


Ideas From Pinterest

A Bark Mitzvah from our All Things Judaica board

Ideas On Pinterest

 We love how the bar is covered with photos of the Bar Mitzvah child from and now on our Party Decor board

Ideas From Pinterest

From our Creative Cakes board, this rainbow cake was on Photos By Todd’s board

Ideas From Pinterest

We had to add this Pin from to our Creative Food board

Ideas On Pinterest: Party Decor

From our Party Decor board, we love these “dressed up” tuxedo fold napkin idea

Ideas On Pinterest: Sign-in

 From our Sign-In Ideas board, this idea is from Etsy IllustrateTheDate!

Johnson Family: Ideas On Pinterest

 From our All Things Judaica board, this guest chose to have a kippot design on the top of his head!

Pinterest: Logos

A great B’nai Mitzvah logo from our Bar/Bat Mitzvah logo board from

Ideas on Centerpieces

Great Bar or Bat Mitzvah centerpiece idea from our Centerpiece board found via Refinery29

Ideas From Pinterest: Candle Lighting Ideas

This great Candle Lighting display idea is from our Candle Lighting Ideas board


Ideas From Pinterest
How pretty! A real flower painting from and now on our Creative Place Card board


Ideas From

For all those doing a circus/amusement park themed Bar or Bat Mitzvah, we loved this idea from on our Creative Place Card board

Ideas From

From our Bar Bat Mitzvah Gift Ideas board, this cute LEGO cake topper from the board!

Ideas On Invitations

From our Invitation board, this invite comes from Oh So Beautiful Paper


Ideas From Pinterest: Bar Mitzvah Cake

From our Creative Cakes board, we love this idea for any hockey lovin’ Bar or Bat Mitzvah child!

Ideas From Pinterest: Provence Catering Cake

From our Creative Cakes board, this decadent chocolate cake looks delicious for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah from the Provence Catering boards

Ideas From

 From our Invitation board, this family used a real basketball to invite their guests to their son’s Bar Mitzvah
Read more from this Mitzvah Family Spotlight story here

Ideas From

 From, these blinged sneakers are now part of our Bat Mitzvah fashion board


Pinterest ideas

Table numbers are a small detail that many families don’t think about until the end of their planning. We loved this DIY idea from which can be found on our Party Ideas board

Ideas From Pinterest: Logos

 From, we added this logo to our Bar/Bat Mitzvah logo board Place Cards

Another great idea from our Place Card board from Party Art LLC


Ideas From

From our Place Card board, these baseball bat place cards are from High Style Events

Candy Kabobs: Ideas On Pinterest

From our Creative Food board, Candy Kabobs from Sweets By Smooches


Ideas From Bar Bat Mitzvah Logos

This Bar Mitzvah logo was created by and can be found on our Bar Bat Mitzvah logos board


Ideas From

Found on Princess Pinky Girl and now on our Centerpieces board, this is an easy DIY centerpiece idea!


Ideas From

We just added this pin to our Centerpiece board from Soiree Event Planning. A blue table centerpiece: jigsaw lamp lit in blue, surrounded by cylinders of blue thistle

Ideas From Cakes

From our creative cakes board, check out this cool Rubik Cube cake!


Ideas From Pinterest

We found this “pin” from Day In My Life blog and added it to our Centerpieces board. So creative! Fill the middle vase with flowers and the outer vase with candy of choice. Great for any DIY Bar Bat Mitzvah

Ideas From pinterest: Exit Treat

Many Bar Bat Mitzvah families look for a creative Mitzvah Exit treat! We love these chocolate milks to go from our Delicious End Party Treats for Guests


Ideas From Our Boards
From, we love this oversize baseball sign-in! For more sign-in ideas, check out our Sign-In Board filled with great pins!


Ideas From Pinterest: Make An Entrance

Bar and Bat Mitzvah kids like to “enter” in style! Here’s a creative one from our Bar Bat Mitzvah entrance board
Check out the rest of this celebration here


Ideas From Pinterest

From Etsy, these escort tickets are now on our Invitation board. Great, inexpensive idea!

Ideas From Pinterest: Logos Fabudesigns.comWe just added lots of great Bar Bat Mitzvah logos to our Bar/Bat Mitzvah Logo board like this one from


Pinterest: Place cards

 From our creative place cards board, we love these bagged popcorn place cards from

Pinterest: Candy Napkins
Some pins are uploaded by clever “pinner’s.” This one we added to our Party Ideas board. We LOVE these crafty candy napkin rings for a candy themed celebration!


 We found this idea on a readers “cake” board and loved it. Although this LED color changing cake featured Wedding photos, it would work for a Bar Bat Mitzvah too!

We added this creative cake to our boards from and love how all the Bat Mitzvah girl’s favorite things were included

 We found this great idea on the Facebook page for Laugh It’s Free and knew we had to add it to our Bar Bat Mitzvah Gift Ideas board!

 We thought these place card stands created with straws from wantsandwishesdesign were adorable!
Find more ideas on our “place cards” board

From our Party Ideas board, we repinned this (throwable!) panoramic camera ball from DIY Center on Pinterest


 From our “Bat Mitzvah Dresses” board, it’s our most popular “re-pinned” pin to date, a beautiful dress from

 This Vogue Bat Mitzvah invitation from can be found on our Invitation board


From our “Sign In” board, we found this clever sign in option at a craft store found on


From our “Party Ideas” board, this unique football dance floor is from Morrell Caterers


From our “Bar Bat Mitzvah Gift” board, this cool puzzle necklace is from Gorjess Jewellry on Etsy


We found these gorgeous cake pops on All Sparkled Up and added it to our “Creative Cakes” board


From our “Clever Finds” board, this is a unique candy card!

 Our “Party Themes” board is filled with great ideas like this ice hockey themed Bar Mitzvah

From our “Flashback” board, check out pictures from long ago Bar Mitzvahs. This Bar Mitzvah boy is standing next to his sign-in board which cost $8.41! Read more about this Bar Mitzvah from 1979 here.

 We found this cool place card for an art theme from Tied With A Bow and added it to our Creative Place Card board

We found this cool basketball centerpiece decor on

Did you know we had a board called, “Organzie Your Horah” with this great idea. Identify your “Horah Lifters” so there is no confusion when that song starts to play and the chair comes out!

Our Bar Bat Mitzvah logo board is filled with great ideas like this one from Party Favorites blog

We found this incredible cold cuts display last year before the Super Bowl on blog, but felt it was worth mentioning again. You can see many more creative food ideas on our Pinterest boards

We have a new favorite! These are nail polish bites made from marshmallows and tootsie rolls! We have it “pinned” to our creative food board

These dress centerpieces are featured on our “Centerpiece” boards. They are also for sale. Learn more here

This delicious treat is on our Creative Food board. It’s from

 We love this easy to do place card using a Ferrero Rocher chocolate! Photo credit: Teness Herman

How cute are these mini-mini donuts! Actually Cheerios – from

 Are you looking to make your own candy buffet? According to, all you need to do is glue glass jars onto candlesticks from the dollar store!

Creative “Wheel Of Fortune” cake from our creative cake boards on

Caricature place cards from our creative place cards board. These are from

We placed this picture on our Bat Mitzvah dresses board. It’s rare that a Bat Mitzvah girl wears her special dress again, so how about one made from balloons! We found this on and think it’s very cool.

From our “creative place cards” board on, check out these mini rolling pins and adorable signage from

We loved these sugar cookie place cards from Bakerella’s flickr account for a Hollywood themed Mitzvah

Another one of our favorite “Pins,” this balloon topiary is from the blog, So Cute Parties

We love the message on these tags from a basketball themed celebration: “Thanks for coming. I HOOP you had a good time”

Cute way to give a Bar/Bat Mitzvah child the gift of cash!

 From Sincredible Pastries, this adorable cupcake centerpiece

 We’ve seen a few “fashion” themed Bat Mitzvahs and know our readers like DIY (do-it-yourself) ideas. We found this “pin” originally from and thought it was a cool idea. Make your own place cards using spools of thread!

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