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Bar & Bar Mitzvah SnapChat Fun With

Bar & Bar Mitzvah SnapChat Fun With

By now you’ve probably heard of Snapchat, a very popular app that kids are using on their phones to “chat” with their friends by sending photos and videos in real time. These photos and videos disappear a few seconds after being viewed, never to be seen again. Kids love using the app because they can share photos/videos of what they are doing, who they are with, and how much fun they are having with all of their friends in just a few taps. Instant gratification at its best! 
There’s a new product on the Bar Bat Mitzvah scene called, MySnapFilter. They create custom “GeoFilters” specifically for your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration. If this is starting to sound confusing, just tell your child that you found a company who can design a GeoFilter, with a logo or graphic design of their choosing, for their Bar or Bat Mitzvah, and see what they say!

The latest in Bar & Bat Mitzvah fun, MySnapFilter is a team of professional graphic designers based in New York City. They come from a diverse background of professions in the design, technology, finance and animation industries. They know design, they know technology and they know what kids want! The best part? It will probably be the least expensive entertainment you will find for your child’s party.  

Pricing depends on the length of the party, how many different filters and the complexity of the designs. Check out the Bar Bat Mitzvah section of their Website for more information.

Here are really cool examples of GeoFilters for recent Bar & Bat Mitzvah parties created by MySnapFilter: 


Visit their Website, to learn more about MySnapFilter.



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