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Six Reasons To Hire A Bar Mitzvah Bouncer At Your Child’s Celebration

Six Reasons To Hire A Bar Mitzvah Bouncer At Your Child’s Celebration

When planning a Bar Bat Mitzvah, there are plenty of details to worry about – security is an easy one to take care of, and cross off your list!

At Bar Mitzvah Bouncer, they take great pride in what they do and truly appreciate the fact that so many families use them for security at their childrens’ Bar Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16s and other events.

They are a full service professional chaperone company specializing in the supervision of children at Bar Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16s, Graduations and Birthday Parties. Parents can relax and enjoy the big day while they supervise the children. Their services include the supervision of the children at the party as well as the Temple services and transportation to and from the party. Take a look at their helpful FAQ section of their Website.

While your DJ dancers may dance with the kids and are also there to dance and entertain the adults – Bar Mitzvah Bouncer is strictly involved and focused on the children at your event. They only employ certified school teachers as bouncers. Teachers have the most knowledge and experience when it comes to interacting with middle school children. Most of their teachers are also coaches for various sports teams. These qualities make the bouncers fabulous chaperones and are best suited to supervise the children as well as develop a great rapport.


1. WORRY LESS: One less thing parents have to worry about!

2. BUS RIDE: No adult wants to sit on a bus ride with fifty 12 & 13 years olds.

3. CANDLE LIGHTING SERVICE: To make sure the kids are very quiet during the candle lighting service.


4. WANDER OFF: To make sure the kids do not leave the venue and go outside and wander off.


5. BATHROOMS: To make sure the kids don’t destroy the bathrooms.

6. CELLPHONES: To try and keep the young guests off their phones and engaged in the party.

To learn more about Bar Mitzvah Bouncer Inc., visit their extended profile page in our Vendor Directory.




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