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On the Bar Bat Mitzvah Circuit…With Carrie

On the Bar Bat Mitzvah Circuit…With Carrie

By Carrie Berk

I’m an 8th grade Bar & Bat Mitzvah teen blogger for MitzvahMarket.com and live on the Upper East Side in NYC. I love fashion, soul cycle, theater, hanging out with friends, and cupcakes (I have a blog about them: www.facebook.com/PLCCupcakeClub). My Bat Mitzvah Project is for my dance teacher and friend, Elizabeth Maria Walsh, who died of a rare form of cancer at just 26 years old. Direct message me on Instagram (@carrieberkk) for information on how to donate, and follow me for more fun Bat Mitzvah photos!

I’ve been writing blog posts for MitzvahMarket.com about the many Bar Bat Mitzvah celebrations I attend. Recently, my cousin Jason Saperstone’s Bar Mitzvah celebration was held in Boston. He loves the theater and he’s a really talented actor. I knew his love of theater would be incorporated on his special day—and I was right!

Here’s more from his Bar Mitzvah celebration:

Bar Mitzvah celebration

The venue for his Bar Mitzvah ceremony and reception was an actual theater inside The Revere Hotel in Boston

Bar Mitzvah

Outside, there was a giant window card with Jason’s name and head shot, so guests knew they had come to the right place. It reminded me of something you’d see outside a Broadway theater—very authentic!

After the service, it was time to party! Everything was branded with his name; from the tabletops and pillows in the lounge to the giant plasma screen over the dance floor. The color scheme of red, black and silver was reflected in all of the décor.

Bar Mitzvah service
Jason was truly a star during his ceremony

 Bar Mitzvah celebration

Jack, Jason’s older brother created his “Home Alone” comedy video to herald his brother’s entrance into his party. Then…confetti canons exploded on the dance floor!

Bar Mitzvah
At the photo booth, you could pick your favorite celebrity and they would photo shop you next to them. I had to go with Justin Bieber!

Bar Mitzvah
No ordinary tattoo would do, at Jason’s celebration we had to have sparkle and glitter. My grandpa thought it was so cool, he got a gold skull and crossbones on his hand

Bar Mitzvah
Dinnertime! For the adults, there was something really unique since it was close to a holiday: a Thanksgiving feast featuring turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and stuffing. For the kids, there was a buffet bar with pizza, french fries, mozzarella sticks, mini dogs on a stick and chicken fingers. There were passed foods as well; everything from artichoke cakes and mozzarella and tomato skewers to mini “ice cream cones” filled with tuna tartar. Everything was delicious!

Bar Mitzvah celebration
The dessert was really creative as well. Instead of a cake, there was a personalized cupcake tower

Bar Mitzvah

There was also a DIY Chipwich bar. I chose vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate chunk cookies and drizzled with fudge sauce, sprinkles and M&Ms. And of course I had to sample a cupcake with a “J” on top!

bar mitzvah
I’m so proud of Jason and I’m glad that I was invited to his show-stopping party, inspired by his love of all-things theatrical. Applause, applause!

VENDORS: Music Entertainment: Maverik, Northern Lights; Venue/Food: The Revere Hotel; Cake: Icing On The Cake; Photo booth/Tattoo’s: Evolution Media/Northern Lights; Photographer: Robert Castagna; Decor: P.S. Designs and Party By Design

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