Mitzvah Inspire: Kindly R.S.V.P. To These Creative Response Cards

Mitzvah Inspire: Kindly R.S.V.P. To These Creative Response Cards

Mitzvah Inspire: Kindly R.S.V.P. To These Creative Response Cards



The R.S.V.P. card of your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah invitation gives you an opportunity to infuse a little fun….and that’s just what some Bar Bat Mitzvah families have done!

We have found many cool R.S.V.P. cards with fun wording. Here are some of our recent favorites to share with you.

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Lipson RSVP

Zach Lipson’s Bar Mitzvah R.S.V.P. card cleverly incorporated his love of wrestling

Kindly RSVP Invitations by Lisa

Invitations by Lisa came up with this clever R.S.V.P. card for a “road trip” Bar Mitzvah theme

Clever RSVP Digby Rose

From Digby Rose, this R.S.V.P. card is fun and vibrant and the basketball theme represents the Bat Mitzvah girl’s favorite sport

Gendler RSVP photo

The Gendler Spotlight featured a travel themed Bat Mitzvah which took place at an airport, thus their R.S.V.P. card looked like a plane boarding pass from Talento Designs

Lapidus RSVP
For this Bar Knicksvah, the Lapidus family (who can also be seen at the bottom of the card) used clever wording from

  Invitinglee RSVP

As this R.S.V.P. card states, “Be There” or “Be Square” from Invitinglee

Dear Friends Kindly RSVP
Dear Friends created this adorable R.S.V.P. that reads, “Welcome to Mc Andies, Can I take your order?

Kindly RSVP Pioner Invitaitons

“Celebrating with friends and family is the perfect match” for a tennis themed Bar Mitzvah from Pioneer Announcements

Kindly RSVP Emily's Eatery

The R.S.V.P. card from for Emily’s Eatery Bat Mitzvah was fashioned after a traditional guest check from a restaurant

Kindly RSVP Oh So Beautiful Paper

 Great R.S.V.P. card and envelope for a ski themed Bar Mitzvah from La Petite Fleur

Kindly RSVP Lucious Verde
From Luscious Verde an R.S.V.P. card, simple and hip Clever RSVP
Your guests will feel like they are the star of the show with this R.S.V.P. from Kindly RSVP
For a soccer themed Bar Mitzvah invitation, created this fun R.S.V.P.

Did you have a cool way for your guests to R.S.V.P? Let us know at [email protected].

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