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DIY Place Card Idea

DIY Place Card Idea

We love getting emails from our readers who want to share their ideas with

We recently received an email from Mitzvah Mom Andi Ackerman who lives in Princeton, New Jersey and celebrated her son Alex’s Bar Mitzvah in April 2013.

Here’s what she said: “I did all the decor myself and used EVERY idea from Mitzvah Market! I used a giant letter A and covered it in blue and white York Peppermint Bites (instead of M&M’s) for the candy buffet. I covered a glass cylinder with a B&W image of my son on transparent paper for table numbers. Even the out-of-town boxes were from your Website. I am a huge fan of Mitzvah Market. Thank you for all of your ideas!”

Look for the Ackerman Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight story soon, but in the meantime, we wanted to share her DIY place card idea. Her son has a great bobblehead collection, so they incorporated these into the party using them for a uniquely personalized place card.


Each photo is of every guest! Andi used Facebook to find photos of the adults and the yearbook for pictures of the kids

The names and table numbers are on the bottom of each bobblehead. To make it more casual, she used only the first names of the adults.

We thank Andi for sharing this great idea with our readers and can’t wait to spotlight the rest of this great Bar Mitzvah soon.

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