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DIY Place Cards

DIY Place Cards


We ran our Place Cards We Love last week and asked our readers to send in their ideas.

We heard from a reader in Chicago named Karen. She wanted to share the place card board idea they used for her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. Here’s what she wrote:



“We shared our Bat Mitzvah party with our best friends. There were 400 people that came – 200 of which were kids. We didn’t have a “theme” exactly, but needed a way to set up all those place cards without a “day of” person. We came up with a board idea.”

She continues, “We were able to have it done a few days in advance and just brought the boards to the temple. The adults had the same boards, but in another area.”

We want to thank Karen for sharing this great idea. Mazel Tov on your daughter’s Bat Mitzvah and good luck with the next one in 2015!


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