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Judaica You Need for Your Bar Mitzvah

Judaica You Need for Your Bar Mitzvah

You’ve got the outfit, decorated the venue, booked the entertainment, taste-tested the catering, and everything is in place for the Bar or Bat Mitzvah party of your teen’s dreams. It seems like you’ve planned every last detail for the big day, but are you forgetting the most important part?


In the glitz and glam of party planning, it’s easy to lose sight of what B Mitzvahs are all about- Judaism! Here are some key Jewish elements you should remember when planning a Mitzvah to ensure the day is as meaningful and inspired as possible.


A Hebrew Tutor

This may seem like a no-brainer, but hiring a tutor to teach Hebrew, prayers, and reading Torah as early as possible in the planning process is crucial. If your child doesn’t attend a Jewish day school or synagogue regularly, it may take them a while to feel comfortable with the new language and tunes. Even kids with knowledge of Hebrew usually start preparing up to three years in advance of their B Mitzvah! As soon as you know the date of your event, start the process of preparing for services to lessen the stress as the day approaches. Hiring a cantor can help you prepare for a Mitzvah or any other life cycle event.


In addition to a tutor, a speech writer can help put together a D’var Torah, the speech that a B Mitzvah teen traditionally gives that talks about the week’s Torah portion.



A tallit, or tallis, is a shawl worn by Jewish adults while praying or taking an honor at the Torah. The four corners of the garment represent the Jewish people coming together from all corners of the Earth. A tallis has some traditional requirements, but it is otherwise very customizable. Tallises come in all shapes, colors, sizes, and materials, allowing teens to express themselves to the fullest. Many people have their tallis custom made, often with sentimental fabrics and heirlooms.


To go even further, a set of tallis clips, which are designed to keep the tallis in place when wearing it, make a fabulous and meaningful gift.


A siddur is a prayerbook used in synagogue and services, and gifting a B Mitzvah teen their own siddur is a great way to help them build a personal and individual connection to prayer. Get the siddur inscribed with their name and date of their ceremony, or decorate a book cover to place on top. DIYing a siddur cover can be an opportunity for parents and teens to bond, or can be a fun break from the stress of party planning.


Don’t forget kippahs! The head coverings, also known as yarmulkes represent the idea that God is always above us, and they are obligatory in many synagogues. They are traditionally worn by just men, but many women and girls wear them too. Kippahs can be customized with any color or design and are another way to incorporate a theme into a Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony. Usually personalized with the B Mitzvah teen’s name and ceremony date, they make for a great keepsake, too.


Tzedakah Box

One of the core mitzvot (commandments) of Judaism is tzedakah, the act of giving to charity. Tzedakah can take many forms, like volunteering or doing a mitzvah project. One common and easy way to give tzedakah is to use a tzedakah box, which is similar to a piggy bank. Giving your teen a receptacle to collect spare change will help introduce them to charity work and performing mitzvot! Tzedakah boxes can be homemade, intricate and ornate, or anywhere in between. They make for a great gift both before and after the B Mitzvah.



There is of course no shortage in different types of Judaica that, while they are not an inherent part of a B Mitzvah, make for lovely and thoughtful gifts. For example: a kiddush cup to sip wine from on Shabbat and holidays; a set of candlesticks for lighting candles on Friday night; a menorah to use on Hanukkah. These valuable and often deeply personal and sentimental gifts will help foster a Jewish identity and will be valued for years to come! 

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