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Bar Bat Mitzvah Parades: How to Celebrate from Home During Coronavirus
April 26th, 2020

Bar Bat Mitzvah Parades: How to Celebrate from Home During Coronavirus

We’ve been touched by the many ways families across the country have continued to celebrate their children’s Bar and Bat Mitzvahs during the Coronavirus pandemic. Building on the virtual Bar Bat Mitzvah, via Zoom or other platforms, drive-by Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah parades are now being organized to celebrate the honoree on their big day.

Photo above: Bat Mitzvah parade in Merrick, NY for Zara Selvin.

Jack’s @Home Service and Bar Mitzvah Parade

Jack Frankel of Huntingdon Valley, PA celebrated his Bar Mitzvah and his 13th birthday on the same day! With the help of the clergy at Old York Road Temple – Beth Am, the Frankels held the first virtual Bar Mitzvah service of their congregation, from their home. Following the service, Jack and his family stepped outside their home and were surprised by dozens of friends (and honking horns!) driving by to congratulate them. Their lawn was decorated with a large “Mazel Tov Jack!” sign and the family was able to wave to all of their family and friends. A family friend, Mark G, created a short video combining the service and parade which will be added to the front of his montage to be shown at his postponed celebration.

Sam’s Driveway Bar Mitzvah & Parade

The Flax family of Syosset, NY, had several weeks to prepare for their son Sam’s “new” Bar Mitzvah format. With their synagogue closed, they reached out to Rabbi Deborah Bravo of Makom NY, who worked with the family virtually to recreate Sam’s Bar Mitzvah service from the safety of his home. On the big day, more than 200 guests joined Sam’s Zoom Mitzvah to celebrate. Rabbi Bravo and Sheri Gutes, of Makom, joined the family virtually that morning to conduct the service.

That afternoon, the Flax’s received an unexpected phone call from their DJ, Party Harty Entertainment who told the family that they wanted to bring the party to their driveway! Truly a special Mitzvah moment!

A Surprise Parade For Ari and His Family

When Ari Taub of Memphis, TN celebrated his Bar Mitzvah it was the very first virtual Bar Mitzvah from his synagogue. They were able to get a Torah and portable ark to their home and the rabbi and cantor “zoomed” in to help lead the service.

Ezra’s Drive By Bar Mitzvah

Ezra Rosen became a Bar Mitzvah at his home in San Rafael, CA. A family friend organized a surprise drive-by parade to celebrate. Photographer Norm Levin captured the event, which was reported on in J., The Jewish Newspaper of Northern California. 


Safe “Social Distancing” Drive By Celebration for Charlie!

Charlie Rosenbloom’s Bar Mitzvah was supposed to take place on Friday, May 1st at SPACE Events in New Jersey. While the family decided to postpone the entire Bar Mitzvah until October, the team at SPACE surprised Charlie on his 13th birthday with a DJ, step and repeat, red carpet and more! 

We love how the true meaning and beauty of a Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah really shined through in each of these celebrations. 

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Zack’s Virtual Bar Mitzvah: A New Jersey Family Shares Their Story
March 25th, 2020

Zack’s Virtual Bar Mitzvah: A New Jersey Family Shares Their Story

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, many Bar Bat Mitzvah families are sharing their child’s Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah service with family and friends virtually, via livestream, virtual meeting sites or Facebook Live.

The decision to go virtual may be bittersweet, but as one recent Bar Mitzvah family explains, the Bar Mitzvah service will still be memorable, meaningful and filled with joy. Following is a first-hand account of a virtual Bar Mitzvah from Julie Rabinowitz, co-founder of Jubilana, a full service Bar Bat Mitzvah invitation and logo company based in New Jersey.

Julie’s son, Zack, became a Bar Mitzvah on Saturday, March 21st at Temple Avodat Shalom in River Edge, NJ.

(Photo above L-R: dad Dave, Zack, older brother Jake, younger brother Will, mom Julie).

Making the Decision to Go Virtual

A week and a half before Zack’s Bar Mitzvah is when everything with COVID-19 began to unfold. We were told by our Rabbi about a week before the Bar Mitzvah that the service would most likely need to be livestreamed. However, at that point, we still thought we would be allowed to have a small group of family and close friends in attendance. As the spread and severity of the virus began to unravel almost by the hour, we were told two days later that only our immediate family of five would be able to attend. We were particularly upset that Zack’s grandparents would not be able to be there – something they had been looking forward to for many years. We were given the option to either have a virtual service or to reschedule the Bar Mitzvah to a future date. We gave our son the choice, and he decided that he would prefer to stick with the date he had been anticipating for the past two years rather than to postpone it. The thought of studying and preparing for several more months (or possibly a year) was disheartening to him.

Notifying Guests

Before everything with COVID-19 really started developing in the area, we were told there was a slight chance that there could be an issue with holding the Bar Mitzvah service. We sent out an email to see who would still be comfortable attending both the service and the celebratory lunch we had planned. Literally within a half hour of sending that email, we got word that the schools would be closing beginning the following week. 

We soon realized that only a small group of family would likely be permitted to join us for the service. We sent a follow-up email to the majority of our guests explaining that regretfully they would not be able to attend the service, and that we were canceling the lunch. Ultimately we learned that, due to new state regulations restricting group gatherings, only our immediate family of five could be there so we called our extended family.

Technical Logistics 

Rabbi Jim Stoloff and Cantor Maria Dubinsky (and other members of the temple) made it possible to have the virtual service for which we were extremely grateful. Because our temple did not have the capability to livestream at that point, they originally suggested that we broadcast the service through Zoom. We were concerned about the quality of the video, so one of my son’s friends generously allowed us to borrow his video camera and equipment so we would have back-up video. On Thursday, we found out that the service would be livestreamed through Facebook Live. The Friday evening Shabbat service that Zack helped lead the night before was also streamed this way, and fortunately, it worked out very well.

Social Distancing During the Service

The service went very well – so much better than we had expected. I had anticipated it would feel like a rehearsal in an empty sanctuary. However, our Rabbi and Cantor really did an amazing job making the service feel as normal, festive and special as most other Mitzvah services. So although nobody was physically in the sanctuary with us, it almost felt as though we were sharing the Mitzvah with a crowd. We were incredibly proud of Zack; he did an amazing job, especially considering the circumstances. 

The only thing that was a little awkward was the social distancing we had to adhere to. For example, neither the Rabbi or Cantor could stand next to Zack during his Torah reading, and he had to be coached by them from afar as to how to unroll the Torah and find his portion by himself. It was also disappointing that he didn’t have the opportunity to have the Torah passed down from generation to generation or to walk around the sanctuary with it – two parts of the service that are so meaningful to me.

Amazingly, there have been over 400 views on Facebook Live, almost four times more people than the number of guests we had originally invited! We were so touched to see that many friends whom we haven’t seen in many years watched the service and commented on the video post. It really is amazing how helpful social media can be in a situation like this.

Photo Gallery From Virtual Bar Mitzvah Service

Managing Emotions

Throughout the whole process, with everything changing by the day in regards to his Bar Mitzvah service, number of guests allowed, celebratory lunch changing and re-changing and then being canceled, Zack handled everything unbelievably well. Although I know he was very disappointed, he was very accepting of the situation, and dealt with everything much better than my husband and I! At the service, he had mixed feelings – he felt more relaxed about not being in front of a physical crowd, but rather nervous knowing that he might be watched by many, many people.

It was extremely disappointing not to be able to share his Bar Mitzvah in person with any family or friends. In making our decision, we know some family members who were anxiously awaiting celebrating this milestone were very upset. Our Rabbi and Cantor have assured us that if Zack chooses to he can have a ‘redo’ of his Bar Mitzvah down the road once everything settles to which we can invite all of our family and friends.

Rescheduling the Party

As of now, we have not rescheduled the celebration. Since we don’t know when everything will be back to normal, coupled with the frustration of re-planning our original celebration at a smaller scale twice in one week, we are putting it on hold right now. It’s very disappointing, as I had designed a logo, centerpieces, favors, as well as the rest of the event design. Perhaps our younger son will choose the same theme in four years and we can re-purpose everything! I also want to mention that our venue and vendors were very understanding and fair when we decided to cancel everything.

Mazel Tov to the Rabinowitz family and thank you for sharing your Bar Mitzvah story with us. We know many other families are in the same situation. Your story shows that the Bar or Bat Mitzvah service can go on…

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Bat Mitzvah Project: Helping Animals of the Australian Wildfires
March 22nd, 2020

Bat Mitzvah Project: Helping Animals of the Australian Wildfires

(Photo above: Jaden Elliott and her brother)

Jaden Elliott of Berwyn, PA has been preparing for her Bat Mitzvah (originally scheduled for April but now being postponed due to the coronavirus) for months. In addition to learning her prayers and Torah portion, she took on the additional challenge of raising money for the wildlife affected by the recent Australian bushfires.

“Australia is struggling. The number of animals that have died is shocking, and even though a lot of people are helping, I want to help make a difference too,” says Jaden. “We’ve made t-shirts, car magnets and pins to sell at my school and my brother’s school.” (With schools now shut down across the country, sales efforts at school have been halted.)

The 7th grader felt compelled to help after watching devastating footage of the fires and rescues on TV. “We’re getting the word out through social media and people can donate online at my MyCause site or directly to me and my mom via cash, check or Venmo (@Leslie-Elliott-8). She has already raised more than $3,100.

100% of the proceeds will be donated to WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service) which is the largest wildlife rescue organization in Australia. Jaden’s mother Leslie helped her to select WIRES as the beneficiary. “They work along side the Humane Society, RSPCA, WWF and others,” says Leslie. “They are doing amazing and grueling work to save as many animals as possible.”

Jaden’s Save Australian Wildlife effort will also serve as her Bat Mitzvah Project. “It reminds me that helping someone or something is important and one person can help make a difference,” she says of the fundraising which is ongoing.

To help Jaden reach her fundraising goal of $10,000, click here. If you would like to purchase one of the magnets or t-shirts pictured below, please contact Jaden’s mom at: [email protected].

To read about more inspiring Mitzvah Projects, and the kids behind them, check out Mitzvah Market’s Mitzvah Project stories here.  

If you’re looking for Mitzvah Project ideas – or any advice on planning your child’s simcha – join Mitzvah Market’s regional Facebook planning groups.

To Postpone or Not? The Bar Bat Mitzvah Question Facing Thousands of Parents Today
March 13th, 2020

To Postpone or Not? The Bar Bat Mitzvah Question Facing Thousands of Parents Today

UPDATE – (Monday, 3/16/20) At 3pm EST, President Trump advised that Americans should avoid gathering in groups of more than 10 people. Effective 8pm EST, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have announced that all three states will prohibit crowds of 50 or more, including private parties, restaurants and bars. We will continue to update this story as the situation evolves. 

If your Bar or Bat Mitzvah is scheduled for this spring, you’re probably in the throes of deciding whether or not to move forward, postpone or cancel your simcha because of the Covid-19/Coronavirus. Clearly this is a very personal decision, and there are no “right” answers. You must do what is going to work for you and your family — and follow what is permitted by your local or state government. 

“No one solution fits for everyone. You need to see what is being allowed and then decide what is best for your family,” says Melisa Imberman of The Event of a Lifetime, Inc., a leading Tri-State area event producer. Imberman has been fielding calls by the minute from anxious parents looking for guidance and is hearing everything from “let’s cancel” to “let’s postpone by a year.” One Mitzvah Market reader shared that they will live stream their service on the original date, but postpone their celebration to a later date. 

One thing is certain: this situation is changing from hour to hour. Mindy Younger from A Promos USA tells us, “My clients are all up in the air with what to do with their events.” Over the course of one day, a popular NY-based DJ went from confirming all four parties for the coming weekend to being down to one by 5pm. Two more events for the following weekend followed suit. 

Todd Yahney of Todd Yahney Events says clients want reassurance, so he advises: “Treat it like a snowstorm, make decisions based on the last possible time a caterer can order the food.” If your celebration is booked at an all-inclusive venue like Space Events in NJ or Space 54 in NYC you might just be in luck. Space owner Elvira Grau tells Mitzvah Market that she has already rescheduled six Bar Bat Mitzvahs that were taking place this weekend for the fall without any additional cost to her clients. “I feel fortunate that with one call, I can help parents reschedule this important milestone!”

What should YOU do? Mitzvah Market’s experts share their advice:

If you decide to hold your party as planned, consider the following options to keep you and your guests safe:

  1. Anticipating a smaller guest list? Ask your venue/caterer to reduce their minimum head count.
  2. Instruct your caterer to switch from buffet service to individual table service.
  3. Place hand sanitizer throughout the venue and make it easy for guests to find. Sue Smith from thecoolestgiveaways is creating custom labels for sanitizers and working on clever taglines for postponed events.
  4. Wipe, Wipe Wipe!  Ask all vendors to instruct their staff to wear gloves and wipe down all surfaces after every use (bars, serving tables, games etc…).
  5. Remove props and signs from photo booths to limit hand exposure.
  6. Link arms during the horah instead of holding hands.

If you’re considering rescheduling your celebration:

  1. Venue: Ask if alternate dates are available. Consider a Friday night or Sunday assuming important family members can make it.
  2. Service: Call your rabbi to discuss options. Your child has worked so hard to prepare for this day using this Torah portion. Consider holding your service on the original date but limit attendees. Does your temple offer a “live stream” for guests to watch from home?
  3. Invitations: If you must postpone, Stephanie Feldman, Cutie Patootie Creations suggests, “Families should work with their invitation designer on a reprint. If the invitation is already printed, perhaps an insert with the new date can be added to the emsemble or reprinted at a discount.” A digital invite with the new date is another practical option or even an email. Whatever you decide, it’s important to keep your guests informed.
  4. Party Favors & SWAG: Melisa Imberman of The Event of a Lifetime says, “If your SWAG has already been made, and you are keeping your service date, then the date on your swag is still accurate!” Also ask your vendor where the favors are manufactured. You might want to consider avoiding imported items to reduce delays. 
  5. Logos: If your celebration is a few months away, and you aren’t sure what will happen, “Just use 2020,” says Howie Zwang of Gotham T-Shirts. “That gives you the most flexibility.”

Most importantly: “Don’t be frantic,” says Evan Karfinkel of EK Event Group, “Everyone will eventually have their parties and we will all be here to help you celebrate!”

Mitzvah Market’s 17 regional Facebook groups are also actively discussing this situation and are a great resource for parents who want to get advice or just vent! We have a community of nearly 11,000 Bar Bat Mitzvah families, vendors and experts who are willing to help. Not a member yet? Join here.

Under The Sea Bat Mitzvah at the New York Aquarium
March 8th, 2020

Under The Sea Bat Mitzvah at the New York Aquarium

Guests at this Bat Mitzvah at the New York Aquarium came nose-to-nose with exotic fish, corals and… sharks! Held at the Ocean Wonders Sharks exhibit at the New York Aquarium in Coney Island, the Bat Mitzvah family and their guests were transported to a magical underwater space.

Decor, specialty cocktails, ice sculptures and more all complimented the beautiful ocean blue hues. Adults and kids alike danced the night away while surrounded by some of the ocean’s most stunning creatures.

Read on to see more from this jaw-dropping venue. The photographer for this event was Sarah Merians Photography & Videography.

To learn more about Wildlife Conservation Society – New York Zoos & Aquarium Events & Catering visit their extended profile page.

Additional vendors who made this event happen include: Venue: New York Aquarium; Photographer: Sarah Merians Photography & Videography.; Rentals: Something Different Party Rental; Entertainment: DJ Zeke; Decor: Aramat Events; Cake: Skazka Cakes;  Ice Sculpture: Okamoto Studio.

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One Magical Night: Bat Mitzvah Theme Fit for a (Disney) Princess
March 1st, 2020

One Magical Night: Bat Mitzvah Theme Fit for a (Disney) Princess

Guests at Lindsay Berliner’s Bat Mitzvah were transported to the magical world of… Disney! For this Disney princess loving Bat Mitzvah girl, the brand new Wave Resort in Long Branch, NJ was transformed into a dazzling, beachside destination fit for a princess. During Lindsay’s ceremony, guests had a view of the ocean that was only topped by the outdoor cocktail hour. Says mom Jackie, “It was like being on a cruise ship!”

Lisa Ivler Events worked with the Berliner’s to bring their vision to life. Live Disney princesses – and one very handsome prince! – interacted with guests throughout the night, while an electric violinist and strolling magician added to the non stop entertainment.

Read on to see how Disney’s famous princesses were represented at each turn during this fairytale Bat Mitzvah.

Photo above (L-R): mom Jackie, Bat Mitzvah girl Lindsay, sister Brooke, dad Andrew. The photographer for this event was Jamie K Photography. A complete list of Vendors follows at the end of this Spotlight.

Service with a View

Celebration Fit for a Princess

Princess Moments

Non-Stop Entertainment

Royal SWAG

Mitzvah Advice

“The planning should be fun, not stressful,” says mom Jackie. “Take cues from your kids and have them be a part of the whole experience. Also, trust your planning team and know the party will be perfect.”

Vendor Directory

Venue: Wave Resort, 732-612-9283
Event Planner/Princess & Prince Staff: Lisa Ivler Events, 862-485-8584
Music/DJ: Total Entertainment, MC Robby, 201-894-0055
Photographer/Videographer: JKP Photographers, 973-535-1550
Favors: Frostings By Venee, Vanessa, 732-703-9084
Interactive Entertainment: Alfiya Glow (electric violinist), 267-318-8324; David Corsaro (magician), 973-699-2723
Invitations: Paper Parfait, Melissa Trachtman, 973-325-5010
Decor/Flowers/Sign-In Board/Candle Lighting: Lounge It Up, Brian, 973-616-7818
Logos/Graphics: Fabu Designs, Amy Wohl, 312-513-1698; Lounge It Up, Brian, 973-616-7818
Dance Floor Wrap: Graphic Marketing Group, 973-276-7901
Dresses: All About the Dress, custom by J&A, (Lindsay), 914-219-5300
Suit: Bergdorf Goodman, Gucci, 800-558-1855
Hair/Makeup: Laura Bonnanni Castorino (hair), 917-837-0061; Sheri Rosen (makeup), 973-610-6102

Planning your own Bar or Bat Mitzvah and need help or advice? Join one of Mitzvah Market’s 17 regional Facebook groups here.

How to Take Your Bar & Bat Mitzvah Selfies to the Next Level
February 23rd, 2020

How to Take Your Bar & Bat Mitzvah Selfies to the Next Level

In today’s social media crazy world, photos from your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah are bound to show up on Instagram, Snapchat and more. Companies like White Light Photography and Video are elevating the photo experience by creating fully customized, branded photo booths that are sure to drive your guests Insta-crazy!

“We do a completely customized concept and design for each event,” says White Light, which has created dozens of OMG! quality photo booths using oversized swings, a vintage bathtub, a sneaker store, NHL locker room, and even a mountain bike! “If you can dream it, we can build it.” If you can’t decide between two set-ups… they’ll build both! 

White Light is based on Long Island, NY, but they work with customers nationwide. You can hire them to handle all of your photographic needs… or bring them in to produce the photo booth alone. No matter what, you’re sure to capture tons of Insta-worthy Mitzvah moments.

Check out their work below:

White Light Photography and Video is a full service, premier photo/video/photo booth company. For more information visit their extended profile page on

Planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah in your area and want local advice from parents and vendors? Check out Mitzvah Market’s 17 regional Facebook Groups here.


Bar Mitzvah Venue Transformed Into Spectacular Ski Lodge
February 23rd, 2020

Bar Mitzvah Venue Transformed Into Spectacular Ski Lodge

Jersey Street Productions, a full-service event production and decor company, recently produced an magnificent ski themed Bar Mitzvah at the Renaissance Westchester Hotel.

Caden’s Bar Mitzvah was modeled after the luxurious ski town of Vail, Colorado. The ballroom at the Renaissance was transformed into an epic ski lodge, complete with ice, snowflakes, a stunning log cabin bar and antler candelabras! Working with event planner Michael Marielli Events, the bar, tables, lounge furniture, chairs, wall decorations and centerpieces were all custom made by Jersey Street. The dance floor and other vinyls were created by Bombshell Graphics via Jersey Street and entertainment was provided by Pure Event Group. Invitations, featuring skis and a map of Vail, were produced by Out of the Box NY

The photographer for this event was Andy Foster. 3 Axis Studios provided video services.

We thank Jersey Street for sharing this awesome Bar Mitzvah with our readers. To learn more about Jersey Street Productions, including their creation of custom bars, centerpieces, draping, lounges, custom tables and chairs, visit their Mitzvah Market extended profile page.

Planning your own Bar or Bat Mitzvah and need help or advice? Join one of Mitzvah Market’s 17 regional Facebook groups here.

Bar Mitzvah Bouncer: How to Get Kids Home Safely
February 9th, 2020

Bar Mitzvah Bouncer: How to Get Kids Home Safely

Saying “goodbye” to guests at the end of your Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration is never fun, but getting your young guests home safely is the perhaps the most important part of the party. Bar Mitzvah Bouncer, Inc., the premiere security company for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, offers some insight into how they work with families to make sure their teenage guests get home safely in the city and suburbs.

“Dismissal can be a hectic time if you are not prepared or don’t have enough staff working the event,” says Evan Wofsy. “This is another area of your celebration where Bar Mitzvah Bouncers are so valuable. Whether a teenage guest is meeting their parent outside, or going home in an Uber or taxi, our bouncers walk them directly to whomever is picking them up. We speak directly with the adult taking the child home.” Wofsy explains their staff of certified teachers is even trained to check the name and plate information before the child gets in the car. If a young guest is taking the subway home, Bar Mitzvah Bouncers will walk the child to the appropriate station.

When the Mitzvah family provides transportation home from the venue, Wofsy recommends having all guests “checked in” when they board the bus. “We make sure the bus is parked in front of the venue and we call the driver ahead of time to warm up the bus and have it ready when the party ends. We will not leave a venue until all guests are accounted for!”

For more information about Bar Mitzvah Bouncer, Inc. check out their extended profile page in our Vendor Directory.


Winter Wonderland Theme Bat Mitzvah in Sunny California
February 9th, 2020

Winter Wonderland Theme Bat Mitzvah in Sunny California

Southern California girl Madi Pelc had visions of snowflakes for her January Bat Mitzvah celebration in Calabasas, CA. “Madi was set on Winter Wonderland from day one,” explains her mom, Claudine. “She loves the Disneyland Castle during the holidays, and we used that as our inspiration for her Bat Mitzvah. We wanted our guests to feel like they had walked into the courtyard of a castle in the wintertime, and Madi was the Snow Princess.”

Madi’s morning service at Valley Outreach Synagogue was followed by a kiddush luncheon. The evening celebration, also held at the synagogue, was “a true labor of love,” says Claudine, who planned the event and made a lot of the decor. With a background in interior and graphic design, and her current position as the event sales coordinator for the synagogue, this was familiar territory for Claudine, who brought in a team of local professionals to bring Madi’s vision to life. “Madi is very creative and had a lot of input on the decor. She loves pastel colors and wanted a cool vibe in the room, so that’s what we created!”

Read on to see more from this Whimsical Winter Wonderland theme. Photo above (L-R): brother Zach, dad Abe, mom Claudine, Bat Mitzvah girl Madi. The photographer for this event was Maria McCarthy. A complete list of Vendors follows at the end of this Spotlight.


Party For A Snow Princess

Mitzvah Advice

“Pick what is important to you and let go of the small items,” says mom Claudine. “Put your money into lighting up the room.  Up lighting can take a blank space and make it shine!  Do not be afraid to order items online and plan early to get the best buys. Research on Facebook for ideas and talk with other parents to get feedback on vendors.” She also believes that hiring a day-of team is beneficial and adds: “Remember, no one will know what went wrong except you!”

Mitzvah Project

Over the course of two years, Madi volunteered more than 75 hours at her synagogue. (She followed in her brother Zachary’s footsteps, who completed the same Mitzvah Project several years earlier.) Madi worked alongside her mother helping the caterers and other vendors during events. She also volunteered during school breaks stuffing envelopes. The Pelc family volunteered so much of their time to the synagogue that they were named Family of the Year in 2019!

Vendor Directory

The following vendors helped to make Madi’s Bat Mitzvah a night to remember. If you contact them, please tell them you read about their services on

Venue: Valley Outreach Synagogue, 818-882-4867
Event Planner/Logos/Place Cards/Sign-In Board/Personalized Clutch: mom Claudine Pelc
Catering: BSC Events, Scott Floman, 818-652-9531  
Decor: Shindigs by Stacy, Stacy Fisher, 818-599-9473
Invitations: Cutie Patootie Creations, Stephanie Feldman, 704-776-0738
Kippahs: That One Special Touch, Inc., Randi Lehman, 516-567-8893
Music/DJ/MC & Lighting: Real Genius DJs, MC Quinton and DJ Coby, 818-346-3482
Photographer: Maria McCarthy Photography, 818-597-1792
Videographer: Video Services Unlimited, 818-727-7746
Airbrush Artist: Mr. Hoodbrush, 818-625-6457
Photo Booth/Step & Repeat: 4EvrFoto, 805-384-5347
Candle Lighting Name/Snowflakes in Chandelier: My Case Builder, Steven Holand, 973-925-7215
Florist: Florals of Oak Florist, Doris, 818-991-5444
Dresses: Downtown LA Fashion District (Madi, party), Ted Baker (Madi, service); Neiman Marcus, Teri Jon (mom, party); Bloomingdales, Tadashi (mom, service)
Suits: Saks Fifth Avenue, John Varvatos
Hair/Makeup: Monique Salon, Marla Dietch, 818-881-1775 (hair); The Brow Bar, Blue Water Salon, Ronnie Retin, 818-970-4139 (makeup)
Security: Sunset Protective, John Perry, 805-403-3628

Planning your own Bar or Bat Mitzvah and need help or advice? Join one of Mitzvah Market’s 17 regional Facebook groups here.