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Bar Mitzvah Bouncer: How to Get Kids Home Safely

Bar Mitzvah Bouncer: How to Get Kids Home Safely

Saying “goodbye” to guests at the end of your Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration is never fun, but getting your young guests home safely is the perhaps the most important part of the party. Bar Mitzvah Bouncer, Inc., the premiere security company for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, offers some insight into how they work with families to make sure their teenage guests get home safely in the city and suburbs.

“Dismissal can be a hectic time if you are not prepared or don’t have enough staff working the event,” says Evan Wofsy. “This is another area of your celebration where Bar Mitzvah Bouncers are so valuable. Whether a teenage guest is meeting their parent outside, or going home in an Uber or taxi, our bouncers walk them directly to whomever is picking them up. We speak directly with the adult taking the child home.” Wofsy explains their staff of certified teachers is even trained to check the name and plate information before the child gets in the car. If a young guest is taking the subway home, Bar Mitzvah Bouncers will walk the child to the appropriate station.

When the Mitzvah family provides transportation home from the venue, Wofsy recommends having all guests “checked in” when they board the bus. “We make sure the bus is parked in front of the venue and we call the driver ahead of time to warm up the bus and have it ready when the party ends. We will not leave a venue until all guests are accounted for!”

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