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Bat Mitzvah Project: Helping Animals of the Australian Wildfires

Bat Mitzvah Project: Helping Animals of the Australian Wildfires

(Photo above: Jaden Elliott and her brother)

Jaden Elliott of Berwyn, PA has been preparing for her Bat Mitzvah (originally scheduled for April but now being postponed due to the coronavirus) for months. In addition to learning her prayers and Torah portion, she took on the additional challenge of raising money for the wildlife affected by the recent Australian bushfires.

“Australia is struggling. The number of animals that have died is shocking, and even though a lot of people are helping, I want to help make a difference too,” says Jaden. “We’ve made t-shirts, car magnets and pins to sell at my school and my brother’s school.” (With schools now shut down across the country, sales efforts at school have been halted.)

The 7th grader felt compelled to help after watching devastating footage of the fires and rescues on TV. “We’re getting the word out through social media and people can donate online at my MyCause site or directly to me and my mom via cash, check or Venmo (@Leslie-Elliott-8). She has already raised more than $3,100.

100% of the proceeds will be donated to WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service) which is the largest wildlife rescue organization in Australia. Jaden’s mother Leslie helped her to select WIRES as the beneficiary. “They work along side the Humane Society, RSPCA, WWF and others,” says Leslie. “They are doing amazing and grueling work to save as many animals as possible.”

Jaden’s Save Australian Wildlife effort will also serve as her Bat Mitzvah Project. “It reminds me that helping someone or something is important and one person can help make a difference,” she says of the fundraising which is ongoing.

To help Jaden reach her fundraising goal of $10,000, click here. If you would like to purchase one of the magnets or t-shirts pictured below, please contact Jaden’s mom at: [email protected].

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