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Mitzvah Project: Helping Animals in Need

Mitzvah Project: Helping Animals in Need

We read about this great Mitzvah Project in the The Queens Ledger and we wanted to share.

Marshall Nisselbaum of Forest Hills, New York, handed $2,000 to people he’s never even met before all in the name of helping animals! Animals are a part of his extended family, and this 13-year-old is determined to prove just that by raising funds to rescue and provide better lifestyles for homeless animals.

Marshall celebrated his Bar Mitzvah on May 17, 2014, and at that time launched “Marshall’s Mitzvah Project. He also asked his parents to spend less money on his Bar Mitzvah party, so he could donate some additional funds to local rescue groups.

Nisselbaum partnered with Trylon Vet Care, a local veterinary practice where Dr. Stephen Wyler and his colleagues have provided care since 1992, to heal and assist pets. They also coordinate with nonprofit foster homes, which rescue animals from shelters and provide them with care until a permanent home is found.

Trylon accepted tax-deductible monetary donations, food, toys, clean towels, and new or gently used pet carriers.

“I wanted to raise enough money and gather food, toys, and supplies so that animals can be adopted in forever families,” said Nisselbaum.

Marshall’s Mitzvah Project was his first fundraiser, although he has supported charities such as the World Wildlife Fund and aided black-footed ferrets, gray wolves, and other African mammals.

“I have personally contributed about $150 over the past 8 years,” said Nisselbaum.

Nisselbaum is also an advocate for animal rights. “You should think about what you’re doing,” is his advice to animal abusers. “It’s hurtful to living creatures, and that’s not fair, since all living creatures deserve the same rights as humans.”

Since it first opened, Trylon Vet Care has provided care for the Nisselbuam family pets, including cats Jojo, Jem, and Scout, as well as a male ball python named Ty.


Marshall handing over a check for $2,000 from the money he raised

Trylon Vet Care has a “doggie bank” on its front desk and collects funds that are used quarterly to buy food and supplies or donated to individual groups. This past quarter is dedicated to Marshall’s Mitzvah Project. Trylon Vet Care has corporate sponsors, and Hill’s Science Diet and Purina Pet Foods are participating in the effort.

“Marshall is a true inspiration,” said Trylon Vet Care practice manager and Forest Hills resident Karla Wallach. “There are so many stories about how today’s youth is stuck in a technology coma, apathetic to the troubles of the world. However, it’s young people like Marshall that will lead other young generations to take on the world’s social concerns, and use the power of today’s technology for positive change in our world.”

We thank The Queens Ledger and the Nisselbaum Family for sharing Marshall’s amazing Mitzvah Project with our readers.

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