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Mitzvah Project: Pies for Prevention

Mitzvah Project: Pies for Prevention


Kayla Wolfson a sixth-grade student at The RASG Hebrew Academy in Miami Beach, Florida, loves to bake and found the perfect Mitzvah Project with Pies for Prevention.

Founded by two sisters in Teaneck, New Jersey, who lost both their mom and grandmother to Ovarian cancer, the funds raised help launch programming for ovarian cancer patients through the Jewish organization, Sharsheret.

Pictured Above: L-R Kayla Wolfson and her friends

MM: Why did you decide to take on this particular Mitzvah Project?
About six months ago, my parents and I started discussing ideas for a Mitzvah Project in honor of my Bat Mitzvah. I wanted to do something unique that would be meaningful to me and also do something that my friends could participate in. Immediately, I thought of an organization called Sharsheret. Sharsheret supports Jewish women and their families facing breast and ovarian cancer. My parents and I did some research and found out more information about a project of Sharsheret’s called Pies for Prevention. Since I love to bake, this seemed like the perfect fit.

MM: Can you give us details of your Mitzvah Project?
Pies for Prevention is a bake sale held during Thanksgiving. The idea came about from two women Adeena Sussman and Sharon Weider, who lost their mother, Stephanie Sussman at the age of 63 and then their grandmother, Ann Nadrich from ovarian cancer. They wanted to do something special and meaningful to honor their memories. Since their mother was a wonderful cook and baker they thought a bake sale benefiting Sharsheret’s Ovarian Cancer Program would be a perfect match. The Bake Sale began four years ago with locations in Teaneck, N.J., and Manhattan. Since then they have added Atlanta; Sharon, MA; West Orange, NJ; Great Neck, NY; Englewood, NJ; East Brunswick, NJ; and now this year, Miami. This project has raised more than $80,000 as well as awareness of Sharsheret’s amazing accomplishments and support network.

MM: Please give us details of your Mitzvah Project?
KW: The girls in the sixth-grade class came over to help me bake over 125 pies. Each pie was pre-ordered and sold for $18. I was able to raise over $3,000 for Sharsheret. I am proud to have donated all the ingredients we used for the pies and I am proud to have participated in such an incredible Mitzvah Project in honor of my Bat Mitzvah.

MM: How did you spread the word?
KW: I created this flyer.


We thank Kyla and her family for sharing this wonderful Bat Mitzvah project with our Mitzvah Market readers.

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