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Mitzvah Project: Camp Simcha

Mitzvah Project: Camp Simcha

Skyler Wenger from Wayne, New Jersey will be celebrating his Bar Mitzvah in Sept, 2021 but has already begun raising money for a worthy cause for his Mitzvah Project. We asked Skyler to tell us more:

MM: Can you give us details of your Mitzvah Project?
SW: For my Mitzvah Project I would like to raise enough money to sponsor a child with cancer to go to Camp Simcha for the summer.

MM: Why Camp Simcha?
SW: I decided to choose this project because my cousin Kayla Wenger went to this camp when she was sick. She had a rare form of brain cancer called ependymoma, which she fought for more than 5 years, but sadly passed away in 2012 when she was only 12 years old. Kayla really enjoyed going to this camp for 3 summers, from ages 9-11, and I would like to give another child the same opportunity to enjoy it too.

MM: In your own words, what does it mean to you to do a Mitzvah Project for your Bar Mitzvah?
SW: When Jewish people celebrate a special occasion it is customary to give Tzedakah. When I got my first paid acting job, I discussed with my parents that I should give some of my money to charity, and I chose Chai Lifeline since I did an online commercial for them and they sent my cousin to camp. It is important to give back to a
charity that helps people in such a nice way.

MM: What are you doing to spreading the word?
SW: I have a donation page here. I also want to set up a lemonade stand over the summer to collect donations. On Instagram, you will find a video I made to help spread the word. My mom posts on Facebook and asked all my friends and family to donate.

MM: For how long can people donate to this charity?
SW: Camp Simcha takes donations any time you would like to donate.

We thank Skyler for sharing this special Mitzvah Project with our readers. Learn more about Camp Simcha here.

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